Wednesday Workout: Three Snow Day 10 Minute AMRAP Circuits

Hi guys! Guess who finally has a workout for you?! And actually, I kind of have THREE workouts for you, depending on how you decide to do them.

While I was stuck inside on Monday (I love when my WFH days coincide with winter storm days), I came up with a new workout to test out before sharing with you. I knew I wanted to do a little bit of everything, so I decided to break the workout up into three sections: cardio, strength, core. Each portion of the workout was a 10 minute AMRAP (As Many Rounds as Possible) circuit with 4 exercises in each circuit. I don’t know if it was because I was home by myself (always have less motivation to push myself!) or because I was feeling stuffy, but the workout was hard- I think you’ll like it!

The beauty of the design here is that pending on how much time you have, you can decided to do 1 AMRAP circuit, 2 or all 3. It can totally be a pick and choose type of thing based on what you want to accomplish for the day.

3 snow day amrap circuits

Explanations (for some- I think you guys are familiar enough with things like high knees, mountain climbers, burpees, etc.):

  • Jack & Jab- Check out the first move in this video for a demo. You’re only going to do the punches to the front, though. Jack, Jab right, jack, jab left= 1 rep
  • Lunge & Shoulder Press- Video Demo
  • HRPU- … which his short for Hand Release Push-Up. this video shows you a HRPU, all you’ll do differently is add in a knee to chest tuck on the right and left in between reps. If you want to make it easier, do the HRPU on your knees.
  • Renegade Row- You’ll be in a high plank position either on your toes or knees and your hands will be on weights. You’ll engage your core to keep yourself level as you pull your right elbow up and back. Return to center and do one on the left, making sure to keep your hips level with the ground the whole time. I find placing my feet further apart helps with this or doing it on my knees.
  • Weighted Ab Roll-Ups-this video will show you what this is and the description/tips are in the notes!
  • Plank w/Weight Pass- In a high plank position (on your knees or toes), start with a weight on the outside of your right hand. Embrace your core and keep your hips level as you use your left hand to reach over and move the weight to the outside of your left hand. There and back is 1 rep.
  • 1/2 Turkish Get Up- This video goes in depth on how to do these correctly.

There ya go! I hope you enjoy this- as always, let me know if you try it 🙂

Questions for you: Did you get stuck inside for your workout on Monday or did you make it to the gym before it started to snow?


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