Wednesday Workout: Spin Bootcamp

Hi there! As most of you know by now, I was able to purchase a used bike from The Handlebar indoor cycling studio back in December. While I am not a regular spinner, I do enjoy it and it is something I want to get more into as I get more practice, which is exactly why I bought the bike. That, and the fact that it was an incredible deal and the perfect piece of cardio equipment for our apartment. It seriously makes working out at home SO much easier!!


This workout was one that I did quickly on a Sunday- a day I don’t normally workout, but I was feeling energetic so I took advantage of that and busted out this workout. It can be any length you want, although the songs you choose & how many you choose to use will ultimately determine how long the workout is. The format of the workout is fun because you’re switching things up by song, so mentally you know you just have to get through the song before you can switch to something else. I think this is why it flew by for me- I kept having good songs pop on my playlist which kept me going!

Here are a few screenshots of what’s currently on my most recently downloaded songs- you’ll notice some older songs, which are always fun in my BAGSxBEATS classes!

img_8047 img_8046

But, feel free to use whatever is on your playlist that gets you going! Here’s the outline of what I did:


As you can see, you can alternate this pattern of on the bike/off the bike for as long as your workout time allows. In terms of your time off the bike, I would do about 16 reps per exercise and repeat until the song ended, but if you would rather go by time you could do that as well. There is obviously tons of room to play with this workout, so if you try it I want to know what you did differently or the same! I promise you won’t be bored with this 🙂

Questions for you: Are you motivated by music during your workouts?