Wednesday Workout – Dumbbell Countdown Full Body Workout

Good morning! If you follow me on Instagram and watch my stories, then you already have a sneak peek into what today’s workout is 😉 I had a rare weekend where I was actually home in Boston and had the time/desire to do a Sunday workout. I had rested on Thursday and Friday due to a weird cold, so by the weekend I was itching for movement. I went to a BagsXBeats class at EBF on Saturday morning, but knew I’d be short on time on Sunday morning before heading up to Newburyport for a bridal shower so I opted to workout at home. Plus, these days if I’m not teaching or taking a class, I really prefer to workout at home because it saves so much time since I don’t have to factor in commuting time!

Oh yeah, and it was a beautiful day on Sunday so I wanted to be outside as much as possible. I could’ve gone for a run, but I really wanted to lift weights so I grabbed my weights, a resistance band and my speaker and went out to the patio to get my workout on. The way it worked was I started with 10 reps of an exercise and then on the second round I did 8 reps, then 6, then 4 and then 2. I would’ve gone back up the ladder, but I ran out on time (and I was beat!!). In between each exercise I did 15 dumbbell swings and that number stayed consistent throughout each round.

Confused? Looked like this: Single arm clean, squat & press X10 reps right & left then 15 DB swings, then 10 push-ups, then 15 swings, then 15 biceps curls to a shoulder press, then 15 DB swings… get it? All those swings really got my heart rate up and kept it up throughout the workout!

If you’re unclear on anything, check out these YouTube videos:

I REALLY liked this workout – both with regards to the format AND the exercises I chose. I was sweating and huffing and puffing, and on Monday (and part of Tuesday) I was pretty sore in the leggies! While this does require equipment, it’s really quite minimal considering it’s doable with a set of dumbbells and a resistance band!

Questions for you: When you’re working out on your own, do you prefer a gym or doing it in your home?