5 Ways to spruce up your spring

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Believe it or not, it’s already April. How, exactly, this happened, I’m still not sure! If feels like we were just changing our clocks back in October and a few weekends ago we moved the clocks forward. Time really does fly!


However, whether we are ready or not, and even though the weather isn’t showing any signs of it, spring is here.

As the seasons change, I find myself looking for ways to spruce things up a bit. Whether it’s my workouts, my wardrobe, my hobbies, our house decor, etc. I feel like season changes are the perfect time to do this, don’t you agree?

If you’re feeling a little “blah” as the winter weather lags a bit more than we may like, check out 5 ways that may help you perk up and get excited for spring.

1. Closet swap out – If you’re like me and are not lucky enough to have a closet that fits your whole wardrobe in it, now is the perfect time to start swapping out your winter clothes for spring/summer clothes. While we still aren’t *quite* there with full-time warm temps, they will be here before you know it! Added bonus: shop for a few new spring/summer items. I recently went shopping and noticed that stores all had such great deals, so it’s worth checking out if you feel like you need something new!

2. Take your workout outside – As soon as the weather starts to hint at being warm, I find myself craving the outdoors. Whether it’s running, a park bootcamp or even just going for long walks, the spring months are a great time to get outside. To piggy back off of this, buy yourself a new workout top, headband or cute leggings! You can usually find great deals on these things at Old Navy and Marshalls/TJ Maxx. I promise it’ll be motivation to move!


3. Fire up your grill – I don’t know about you, but I miss grilling season! We fully utilized our grill last summer, whether it be chicken, steak, fish, veggies, pizza – we loved grabbing a drink, firing it up and hanging out outside. It’s also a great time to find new recipes to test out!


4. Plan a summer weekend getaway – Even if I just book tickets to a show or a weekend at our Cape house, I love having weekend plans to look forward to! Last summer we spent a lot of time in Boston which was a fun change, but this summer I would like to spend more time on the Cape and in Maine.


5. Clean up your Social Medial accounts – I think if we all took a look at the list of people we follow, emails we subscribe to posts we “like”, we could EASILY remove at least 10 people/emails from those lists, right? I know I definitely need to do this because there are some people who I follow that don’t add anything to my day to day or life. In fact, I find myself falling into the comparison trap when I read their posts. Or, I get annoyed because of where they are in their careers and why they got there. No one needs something that makes them feel like that, #amitright? So, I challenge you to “unfollow” anyone who isn’t ADDING something to your social media scrolling and day to day.

Do me a favor and leave a comment to let me know how you’re sprucing things up this spring season. Are you planning any trips? Doing anything new? Signed up for any races?

Hope you have a wonderful rest of your week!



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Print your pictures! {& a service to help you do this}

Happy Friday!! Today I wanted to pop in to talk about pictures. Taking them, saving them, printing them, sharing them. I also shared this in my newsletter, but in case you aren’t subscribed (what are you waiting for?!), I wanted to share it here, too!

Before everything seemed to go digital, I remember always printing my pictures. In college, the wall along my bed was filled with them – anyone else? And I remember how much fun it was to not know how a picture came out until you got them developed. How times have changed, right?


These days, now that everything is digital and shared electronically, printing photos seems to be a thing of the past. Which is a shame because we often forget about what we have for pictures that are stored on our phones or on our computers.

Over the past few years (ok, well really since we got engagement photos done), I’ve tried to be better about printing the photos. I have albums from our engagement shoot, our wedding, our honeymoon, etc. and it’s fun to pull them out and look at them every once in a while. I’ve even been better about putting them in frames, too, and this area in our living room is one of my favorites.


What I love about printing photos is that you have the ability to look back on and remember a specific event/time in your life. I even find myself scrolling back through my camera roll, Facebook and Instagram sometimes to look back at all the photos I’ve taken over the years that didn’t make the cut to print and/or frame.

That said, when TurnGram reached out to me to see if I wanted to test out their services, I was all on board. If you’re not familiar with TurnGram, they are a photo concierge service that links up with Instagram to help you collect more printed photos. It’s a monthly service and the way it works is you go to their site, provide your Instagram handle details and then specify what types of pictures you want them to edit, print and send – to you OR to someone else. You can do 1 photo a month for $3.99 or 5 photos a month for $4.99 (a no brainer if you ask me).

For instance….

  • Let’s say your parents are not on Instagram and you just had a baby. You would go to their site, explain this, put your parents as the “to” recipient and then TurnGram would go through and pic the photo(s) to send, based on your monthly subscription selection and then send them to your parents so they can be kept up to date with the photos you’re sharing (and have them in printed copy, which is always my mother’s request!)
  • Or, you are in college and studying abroad and want photos to be sent home to your parents to show them your travel adventures. Or, you send them to yourself so that you can have printed copies of them when you get home.
  • Or, you’re tracking progress with regards to house improvements, physical challenges, etc. and want to have those photos printed.

Personally, since I don’t need printed photos of my #sweatyselfies, lol, I told them to focus on pictures of me teaching, of RM and me, trips, family, etc. I’ve received 2 deliveries so far and it’s been so much fun to open them to see what they decided to send me.


But, I realized that I ended up just leaving them in a pile, so I decided to figure out a way to display them in our apartment. I had bare space on a wall in my office that would be a perfect picture wall. Rather than having to buy a bunch of frames, I decided to get some gold twine, little gold clothespins and use those to create it. I’m super happy with how it came out, and can’t wait to add to it!


Another cool idea would be to use this gold grid from Target – I think it would be a great way to display your TurnGram photo deliveries!

If you’re interested in learning more or to subscribe to this cool service, check out their site for more details. Your first month is free, so I think it’s a no brainer 😉

Happy photo printing!

Stitch Fix #8 Review

Good morning! I have to laugh because I feel like I just said how I wasn’t going to be blogging as much and here I am with another blog post! Timing is a funny thing, right?

Today I’m sharing my 8th Stitch Fix review with you. If you’re not familiar with Stitch Fix, in short it’s an online personal stylist/shopping service. You fill out your profile (size, body type, likes, dislikes, price range, etc.) and then when you schedule a “fix” your stylist uses that information to pull together a box for you. The box includes 5 items and can include shoes, bags and jewelry, in addition to the clothes. Again, this is all based on your preferences so if you don’t want to receive shoes, bags or jewelry, you can specify that and receive all clothes instead.


I hadn’t done a fix for a LONG time, and when I saw that they were waiving the styling fee ($20, but if you buy something, the $20 goes towards your purchase) and that I had a credit, I had to go for it. When you sign up for Stitch Fix, you get your own referral code (linked throughout this post) that you can share with friends/family/coworkers/etc. and if someone uses your code to sign up and they schedule a fix, you get a $25 credit!

Overall, I was happy with my fix. Personally, if there are even a few things that I like in a fix I consider it successful. When I like everything it can be hard since it makes me want to keep the whole fix, although if you do that you get 25% off which is a great deal. I would’ve kept more had the jacket fit and had I not already had a black clutch. Check out my fix details below!

Urban Expressions – Arabella Clutch $34

This clutch is cute, especially with the pattern, but since I already have a black clutch that I love I sent it back. I also received a yellow clutch from an earlier Fix that was the same clutch as this one, just yellow instead of black.


Collective Concepts – Giada Cold Shoulder Poplin Top $58

This shirt is amazing. I LOVE the style, the material, the fit and the pattern. I was so happy when it fit me because I really wanted to keep it. I can’t wait to wear it with white jeans and cute wedges in the summer!


RD Style – Emmett Sweater Dress $84

I liked this dress a lot – I’ve been a big fan of sweater dresses this year so I almost kept it, but ultimately I ended up sending it back because it felt overpriced for the quality of the dress. I do love the burgundy color this year, though!


Market & Spruce – Elissa French Terry Moto Jacket $78

This jacket was awesome, but just too small. I laughed that it must be because of all the weights I lift, but I actually think it was just a tiny jacket. I was bummed because I wanted to keep it!


Vigoss – Ingrid Distressed Skinny Jean $68

I’ve got to say, pretty much every pair of jeans I’ve received from Stitch Fix have fit like a glove, and these were no exception. They’re stretchy so they keep their shape, and I love that they are a little distressed. That said, these jeans were too amazing to send back! I also thought they were reasonably priced which was a plus.

There you have it! I’ve already worn the jeans at least twice, so I’m happy I kept them! If you’re interested to see my other “fixes”, here you go:

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If you’ve never tried Stitch Fix before, click on this link, create your style profile and schedule your first fix – you won’t regret it!

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Changes for 2018

Hi everyone! Long time, no chat!


I am just about to hit “send” on my VERY FIRST email newsletter, which is super exciting!

Looking back on 2017, I realized that as the year went on, I blogged less and less. That, and when I did blog, my views were much lower than ever before. However, Instagram has been booming lately and I feel like I have a much better audience reach there. And that takes a lot less time to manage 😉

That said, in 2018 I am going to focus more of my efforts on Instagram, Facebook and my email newsletter, which is why I’m reaching out to you today. If you have not signed up for my newsletter, but still want to be kept in the loop regarding workouts, products I’m loving, life insight, restaurants, trip recaps, etc., please be sure to SIGN UP for the news letter. It will be delivered right to your inbox, which is just one less click for you to have to do to read what I’ve got to say!

Does this mean there won’t be anymore posts on B2B? of course not! I have a few things that are “post-worthy” that I will be sharing with you in the coming weeks, but in general on a week to week basis, my forms of communication and outreach will be through Instagram, Facebook and my news letter, so be sure to follow me on those platforms to be kept in the loop!

Thanks, as always, for your continued support as B2B as grown and evolved over the years 🙂


Hosting our first holiday

Good morning! I realize it’s now two weeks into December and I’m just now sharing our Thanksgiving recap – oops! Between work, teaching, training and leading a challenge at work, it’s left very little time at night for blogging, but since Thanksgiving turned out so well, I wanted to pop in and share some photos and tips that helped it be relatively stress-free. I’ll preface this by saying that we don’t really have the ideal house/space to host a formal event like this, but it was something I really wanted to do so we made it work!

I’ve always loved entertaining, but I won’t lie and say that it’s not a lot of work. No matter what you’re hosting, as the host, there is always more work to do than one might think, but over the years I have figured out ways to manage all of the little details without being super stressed out. This year, the key for me to be relaxed on Thanksgiving and not running around like a chicken (err, turkey) with my head cut off was doing a lot of things in advance. That, and asking for help! Sure, I could’ve prepped all of the side dishes on my own, but if others wanted to help, who am I to take that away from them 😉 As is with most things in life, asking for help isn’t a bad thing and doesn’t mean you can’t handle it on your own. It simply means you’ve learned that asking for help makings things easier!


I’ll be honest – the real reason I wanted to host Thanksgiving was so that I could decorate the table and use my fine china that we received for our wedding 🙂 There’s just something so great about a beautifully decorated table with matching dinnerware, glasses and a beautiful centerpiece, #amiright?! Here’s what I did to make my vision come to a reality:

  • I knew I wanted whites & golds for my color scheme, rather than traditional oranges and reds, because of my china. It’s gold and navy and so pretty 🙂 That said, I went to Whole Foods and picked up a bunch of lily’s, hydrangias, white roses and greenery. All of the flowers came to about $35 and I made 2 centerpieces so that’s a good deal. I’ve been into making my own flower arrangements so this was fun for me. I did them on Sunday and by Thursday they were bloomed and settled.


  • While I had vases I *could’ve* used, I stumbled upon these great vases at Target as part of their new Chip and Joanna line and I’m obsessed with them! They went well with the candle holders I bought last year at Target as well
  • Since we had to have 2 tables, I needed to figure out the table cloth situation. I used the table cloth and table runner from Crate and Barrel that we received for our wedding and then I picked up a white table cloth with gold and silver in it from Target as well. I thought they worked well together!


  • I thought about getting cute Thanksgiving-y napkin holders, but ultimately went with the gold ones I got from Crate and Barrel for our wedding. they looked so nice with the plates!


  • Lastly, the black chairs were an impulse buy when I saw Target was having a sale. I found the exact same chairs there as I saw on Wayfair, but for $100 less. AND! They were delivered in less than 24 hours from the time I placed the order. Can you tell I’m a big Target fan these days?

IMG_2453[1]And that’s it! While we certainly didn’t use all of the dishes in the place settings and had to remove the flowers so that we could eat and see each other, the table decor outcome made me so happy!


I never used to be into these types of things in terms of making everything look so pretty and planned, but I have to say, it’s really fun! I’ve been doing it with Christmas, too – I mean, I spent an embarrassing amount of money on Christmas/Holiday pillows, lol.

How about you guys – do you get really into the decorating aspect of parties, holidays and get togethers? Or, do you care more about the food and drinks? Do you like to entertain?