Currently I’m Crushing On {Part III}

It’s been a while since I’ve shared what I’m crushing on, huh? In case you missed parts 1 and 2, here they are:

Currently I’m Crushing On…
Currently I’m Crushing On… {pt.2}

Let’s get to it, shall we?!


  • Faux leather pants. Need I say more? I got these on crazy sale at the J. Crew outlet for $30!! It’s like they paid me to get them 😉


  • White Jeans- another J. Crew outlet sale! These were $40.


  • This dainty, long necklace from Francesca’s- I always get so many compliments when I wear it!



  • These shoes- I got them at Off 5th (Saks’ outlet store) for $38!!! Total steal!

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What I’m Reading: 3/31/15

Link love. Friday Favorites. Things I’m loving. Link-ups.

There are so many different ways that bloggers are linking up to each other to share their content. It’s taken me ages to finally jump on the band-wagon, but “better late than never”, right?! Not only does sharing links from other bloggers benefit me by showing other bloggers that I’m reading and sharing their posts, but it also helps all of YOU because you get to be {hopefully} introduced to some new-to-you blogs. Win-win, right? (please note that I types Wine instead of Win both times…)

I went back and forth on a catchy name for this new series and am still not entirely sure I’m crazy about what I’ve chosen, but I’m rolling with it for now- if you have suggestions for something different, I’d love to hear them! I’ve also been trying to figure out what day I want to post this on- Friday, to serve as a great distraction from work (Athena’s “Friday Favorites” do this to me every.single.week!), Monday, again to serve as a way to slowly start your week, mid-week? I think I’m leaning towards Mondays for this series because I think it’s a nice way to catch up on anything you might have missed the previous week/weekend (I’m posting on a Tuesday this week because I was sick on Sunday/Monday and wasn’t up for blogging).

So, with that said, here are posts I’m reading, links I’m loving, stories I’m sharing. The list is short as I’m just getting the hang of it (and trying to find new-to-me blogs so I’m not sharing all the same posts as other bloggers- I saw Athena’s Friday favorites last Friday and we matched on a few… hoping to share more variance in the next ones!)! In the future, I plan on adding in quotes I come across and photos I see on Instagram that make me smile. Enjoy!

  • I learned so much from this post! I need to be better about tuning into my body and figuring out when this is necessary: Deload Week- What, When, Why from I Train Therefore I Eat
  • This is a blog I was introduced to through my partnership with FitFluential. Her posts are always super photogenic and I generally find myself hungry after reading them… This post won’t make you hungry, but it might make you motivated to get into the kitchen and try out some of these sugar substitutions! Sugar Substitutes. And, while you’re perusing her site, be sure to check out this post featuring 18 partner workouts (including one from me!): 18 Partner Workouts
  • RM and I plan on making these delicious looking Grilled Tuna Rolls soon, although I think I’ll ditch the roll. I think that’s too much bread for a fish entrée.
  • I can’t wait for us to make these. We might do them on Friday since it’s Good Friday and we can’t eat meat: Broccoli Potato Burgers
  • RM and I made these pancakes for our “Sunday Morning Pancake” day this past weekend and ohhh myyyy goodness were they delicious! They were light and fluffy and you’d never know they were healthy. We didn’t have an orange so we topped with banana and it was perfect: Paleo Coconut Orange Pancakes
  • If pancakes aren’t your thing, maybe oatmeal is? If so, there are 5 healthy oatmeal recipes in this post- they look so good and I can’t wait to make some 🙂 Healthy Oatmeal Recipes for a Simple Breakfast
  • Kim’s post on being skinny or strong really hit home. There were so many years where I just wanted to be skinny… I had no idea how much better it is to strive for strength until I started incorporating more weights into my workouts. I can’t say enough about all the good things that have come as a result of that switch.
  • This isn’t anything to read, but it’s adorable to look at! Leopard Kitten

Here’s where I need your help! I’m looking to expand upon these posts in the future, but I could use some help with finding good material, so if you come across anything you think might be of interest to me or other B2B readers, I’d love for you to send them to me! Or, if there are any blogs you think I should start following,  leave the URLs in the comments 🙂