Wednesday Workout: two 10-minute lower-body AMRAP workouts

Hey there! Can you believe it’s Wednesday already?! Before I get to the workout, I want to remind you that EBF FIDI opens TOMORROW!!! The day is finally here! There are classes all day, but if you have time after work I’d LOVE for you to come to my 6:20pm BAGSXBEATS- I promise, it’ll be a blast!

And now for the workout. This was a lower-body focused workout that I did a while ago. Don’t be fooled by the 10 minute AMRAP aspect- if you load yourself up with heavy (for you) weights, you’ll feel spent by the end of the 20 minutes. Or if you are short on time, you can do just one of the 10 minute AMRAPS. Something is always better than nothing, so if you’ve only got 10 minutes, just bust it out!


Of course, if you don’t have weights you can always do the exercises with just your bodyweight!

Let me know if you have questions otherwise, check this out and let me know what you think!

Questions for you: Do you prefer upper body or lower body workouts?

Wednesday Workout: Lower Body Resistance Band Workout

Hi there and happy Wednesday! Last week I made a promise to you after posting my Upper Body Resistance Band Workout… that promise was to post a lower body resistance band workout, which is what I have for you today! As I’ve said probably a million times a lot, I love resistance bands because you can bring them anywhere since they take up very little space and don’t weigh anything. I will warn you, this one really burned my outer thighs/glutes/abductors, as you can clearly see in the video 😉

I’m not sure if you guys like the videos I post or not, but some day I’d love to film a REAL workout video, so I’m considering this my practice 🙂

And, if you’re at work and can’t listen to/watch YouTube videos or if you want to take something to the gym with you, here’s a printable version.

Lower body resistance band workout

What I love about these short, “add on” workouts is that they are perfect to, err, add on to whatever you’re doing for a workout that specific day. I hope you try this! If you do, don’t forget to tag me 😉

Questions for you: What’s your favorite lower body exercises you do with a resistance band? Favorite way to work your lower body?

Wednesday Workout: Lower Body & Cardio Blast Super Sets

Good morning! As I mentioned on Monday, not only do I still workout, but I have so many of my recent workouts to share with you. I love that I’ve been able to try out the workout for myself so I can: a. see if they’re hard enough, b. see if they work/flow/etc, c. give you tips/suggestions and d. let you know how long they take me. These days, unless I’m posting something I’ve taught, you can rest assured knowing that you can be done (including warm up and cool down) in about 30-45 minutes. This workout is no exception to that as I did it the other day during my lunch break. I did a quick 5 minute warm up and then busted this out and left super sweaty and super tired.

Lower body & cardio blast super sets
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Wednesday Workout: Full Body Pyramid Style Strength Workout

Hi there! I’ve got a fun workout for you that left me rather sore last week. I’m still not totally sure if I was sore for 3 days from this workout alone, or if it was also because of the towel workout I taught before this one. Regardless, I really liked this workout and felt like it hit all the bases for a full body workout.

I’ve posted a pyramid style workout before (Wednesday Workout: Pyramid Workout), and while this one today is similar to the other one, I did mix up the way the exercises were laid out and the cardio that I did with them. I went with 45 seconds on, 15 seconds rest for the cardio format since I think people are sometimes more apt to “give it their all” when they have 45 seconds to work rather than 60 seconds. I know I push myself more to finish it without taking breaks! You’ll notice that the cardio exercises mimic or compliment the strength pyramid exercises… might as well give those muscles a little extra burn before moving on, right?! Also, if you didn’t want to do cardio and wanted to keep the workout shorter by just doing strength, feel free to leave it out entirely. I’ve done that before and I still finished the workout sweaty and tired.

Full Body Pyramid Strength Workout

To help save on time, I did break down some of the rep and exercise combos to be unilateral (no need to do 40 1-legged dead lifts on each side!).

Most of the moves here have made an appearance on the blog before, but if you’re confused about anything, feel free to shoot me an email or leave a question in the comments.

Questions for you: What’s your preferred time for a cardio blast? How long can you give it your all? Do you like to have your cardio moves match the strength move you’ve just completed?