Wednesday Workout: Lower Body & Cardio Blast Super Sets

Good morning! As I mentioned on Monday, not only do I still workout, but I have so many of my recent workouts to share with you. I love that I’ve been able to try out the workout for myself so I can: a. see if they’re hard enough, b. see if they work/flow/etc, c. give you tips/suggestions and d. let you know how long they take me. These days, unless I’m posting something I’ve taught, you can rest assured knowing that you can be done (including warm up and cool down) in about 30-45 minutes. This workout is no exception to that as I did it the other day during my lunch break. I did a quick 5 minute warm up and then busted this out and left super sweaty and super tired.

Lower body & cardio blast super sets

Here’s the equipment I used:

  • circular resistance band
  • Kettlebell (deadlifts and Bulgarian split squats)
  • step/box jump platform (Bulgarian split squats)
  • TRX straps- Pistol squats & jump squats

If you don’t have all of those things, you can certainly modify:

  • You can use a regular resistance band and step on it, or just hold weights and get low during your side steps
  • Dumbbells instead of KB
  • A stair, bench, chair, or nothing for the split squats
  • 1 legged sit down/stand ups on a chair or bench and regular jump squats

Let me warn you: my legs were toast for a few days after this!! I love how I felt challenged during this workout because I used heavier weights and because I added in cardio blasts. The time flew by!

Questions for you: Do you like pistol squats? What’s your favorite type of squat variation?



2 thoughts on “Wednesday Workout: Lower Body & Cardio Blast Super Sets

  1. Kim says:

    I can’t do pistol squats – I have tried but never mastered them. I rarely say this but I think that might be a move I never get (old joints!!!).

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