My First Birchbox Experience

Have you guys ever heard of Birchbox (<— don’t worry, you get a referral link if you sign up, too!)? My guess is that I’m sure you have. I feel like I’ve “known” about it for years, but only through a few bloggers who would post about their monthly boxes. Lucky for me, my sister got me a 3 month subscription for Christmas. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but once the boxes started coming in, I got a better feel for it.


The great thing about Birchbox is that you get sample sizes of various beauty products which gives you a chance to sample different brands without actually having to commit to buying a full size of something you may not actually like. How many of you have bought a new hair product or face lotion or mascara only to find out you really don’t like it that much? I’m embarrassed to admit how many barely-used things of hair gel/mousse/spray/shampoo/etc. that I have laying around. But with Birchbox, if you like something you try, they give you all the details on how you can purchase a full size version of it.

And, I mean, how fun is it to get a package like this every month??


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