Wednesday Workout: Sheila’s Bachelorette Bootcamp

As I mentioned on Monday, while I was on Nantucket over the weekend for Sheila’s bachelorette party, I lead a little bootcamp for the girls and myself. I’m not sure they entirely knew what they were getting themselves into before agreeing to and starting the workout, but I can assure you it was a good one that left us all winded, sweaty and sore the next day!

The girls were such good sports, though! Even Jessi, who doesn’t workout or enjoy it and didn’t even have sneakers stuck through it! We had a blast and it was such a good way for us to start the day… I don’t think we earned all our drinks that day, but we certainly earned a few 😉


I didn’t have anything specifically in mind going into the workout, but I did have a few key bootcamp exercises in mind: squats, jump squats, lunges, jumping lunges, mountain climbers, push-ups, burpees, etc.


I was totally in my element when leading the workout with these girls, but it did make it hard to stay serious because we always laugh and have fun when we are together! All in all, it was a solid workout that can be done anywhere since you don’t need any equipment!

sheila's bachelorette bootcamp

Everything is likely self-explanatory, but if you have questions, let me know. One that might need an explanation is the partner lat pull/upright row. I learned this at the Wellness By The Water Retreat last year and loved using it over the weekend. What you do is have one person sit and another person stand behind them. The sitting person reaches their arms up and grabs the standing persons hands. As the seated person pulls their arms down, the standing person adds resistance to make it like a lat pull down. Then, the standing person pulls and the seated person resists, making it like an upright row. After 10, switch!

We finished with this standing ab workout before stretching and calling it a day. All in all, the workout took about 30 minutes to complete… and I was able to cross something off of my My Summer of 2014 “Bucket List”!

Thanks for such a fun way to start the day, girls! Can’t wait to do it before Nikia’s wedding 🙂


Questions for you: What’s your favorite bootcamp exercise? Have you ever done a bootcamp while on a weekend getaway with your girlfriends?