Taking A Little Blog Detox

Good morning, friends! I’m just popping in quickly to say that I’ve decided to take a little time off from the blog world this week. This has been a busy month and with the Happy, Healthy, Fit Challenge, I feel like I’ve been spending WAY too much time on social media. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been really enjoying the check-ins and pictures and sharing how I’ve been participating, but it has required me to be very active on social media which can be tiring!

So, with that said, I’m taking time this week to finish up with Christmas stuff, work, celebrating RM’s birthday and spending time with my family in Maine for Christmas. I’ve also been feeling in a bit of a rut with blogging lately and to be honest with you, I’ve been a little bored with my posts and it hasn’t been as fun for me as it usually is. And, let’s face it, if I’m not having fun writing my posts, they’re probably not that fun to read, right? I’m hoping that some time away will help to get some creative juices flowing and give me time to write about things that have been on my ever growing “blog post ideas” list. On top of that, I’m off from work until January 5th and I’m not teaching until January 3rd so it’s going to be a nice extended period of time off from my normal day to day stuff- I think I’m excited about it haha

But, before I take a blog vacation, I want to share some photo’s from the surprise party I threw for RM this past weekend. It has been in the works for almost two months now, so I am SO happy it was a success. it’s safe to say he was completely surprised and so grateful for the party! Big thanks to Athena for helping me pull off the surprise- I had her send me a fake email about getting to host a party at the Social in Newton and it totally worked! There ended up being over 30 people there ranging from home friends to family to work friends to some of my friends and even my parents! What a great party it was. (and, my gym friend, Jen, randomly showed up which was a fun surprise!)

IMG_9730 IMG_9698 IMG_9699 IMG_9701 IMG_9702 IMG_9705 IMG_9714 IMG_9724 IMG_9718 IMG_9720 IMG_9726 IMG_9725 IMG_9732

I hope you all have a wonderful week and holiday- sending you well wishes for this week!

Questions for you: When’s the last time you detoxed from your normal day to day life and activities? Is there anything you want to see more of or less of on the blog? Have you ever thrown a surprise party?

Weekending: Lots of Birthday Celebrations

Good morning and happy December! Last weekend was a fun, birthday-filled weekend. RM and I headed up to New Hampshire on Friday afternoon for my friend Nikia’s surprise 30th birthday. I ended up finding a great deal at The Exeter Inn so we headed there first. This hotel was SO cute and charming- a nice change from the normal chain hotels I stay at. They had a gorgeous REAL fireplace in the lobby area, old, intricate details, funky little rooms and an amazing restaurant/bar… not to mention Exeter is a super cute little town. After a quick gym trip on Saturday morning, RM and I headed to Portsmouth and had brunch at Michelle’s. I’d been there once before and was happy to see that this experience was just as good as the first. I got the Truffle scrambled eggs and they were SO good. Sunday was spent celebrating my sister’s birthday at Gem. Post brunching, we came back and I decorated the tree and food prepped for the week. Solid weekend- enjoy the pics!

IMG_9546 IMG_9547



IMG_9554 IMG_9561 IMG_9557 IMG_9565


IMG_9597 IMG_9596 IMG_9585 IMG_9589 IMG_9601 IMG_9607

Questions for you: What was the best part of your weekend? Have you ever been surprised with or helped to throw a surprise party? Where’s your favorite restaurant in Portsmouth (if you’ve been)? Have you ever been to a boozy brunch? Have you decorated your tree yet?