I’ve held out long enough…

Well… here we go! I have been reading “healthy living” blogs for years and years, but have never had the urge to start my own. Recently, though, the urge has been there. I am always thinking “oohh that would be a great picture for a blog post. I’d use this caption/explanation”, “wow this recipe is delicious and look how well it photographs!”, “this glass of wine is SO necessary today”, and so on and so on. And then I started thinking of names! What on earth would I call my blog? I love fitness, food and wine… can it incorporate all of those things and still be catchy? It has gotten to the point where it’s all I think about, leaving me with no other decision but to finally start a blog.

Oh yeah, the fact that we are currently immersed in a blizzard and I am now left with loads of extra time (fitness class tonight has been cancelled and my 9 hour Kickboxing exam tomorrow has been rescheduled) doesn’t hurt as an extra push either!

What I hope to provide you guys with in this blog is lots of health and fitness advice and tips, workouts for the gym and on the road (for all my friends who have lots of travel for their job), recipes, restaurants and, of course, wine! Hang with me while I get through these first couple of posts until I am really able to find my writing “voice” and flow of Burpees to Bubbly!

Ireland wine plank contest