12 Days of Fitness Workout…

… a little late! I did this workout right around the holidays and recently got a request to put it up on the blog, so here ya go!

The “12 Days of Fitness” workouts were flying around all over the blog world for a while, so I decided I had to try one and see what the craze was all about.  I did a bunch of research and ended up putting together, what I think to be, a pretty good workout!  Most of the “12 Days of Fitness” workouts that I saw started with the “1” move first and then worked their way up to the “12,” but I decided to start with the “12” and work out way down to the “1”.  What can I say? I wanted to make my class work harder:)

New 12 days of fitness

Yes, you did the math correctly: in this workout, you will do 144 lunges, 121 bicep curls, 100 mountain climbers… you get the point!

This workout can easily be done in the comforts of your own home… or at a gym with a friend! Let me know if you try it:)