Friday Night=Homemade Pizza Night!

Hello again! Two posts in one day… how fun! I teased you in my post earlier today when I mentioned homemade pizza night, so I thought it was only fair to blog about it as soon as we finished eating.  For those of you who are Facebook friends and follow me on Instagram (Mgagnon85 if you want to follow me!), you’ve seen LOTS of pizza pictures.  Guilty as charged: we LOVE making pizza. In fact, on Christmas Eve, we have a bunch of family friends over for a BIG pizza party… few pics from this past Christmas Eve:

Cooking at the Gagnon's is NEVER done without wine in hand!

Cooking at the Gagnon’s is NEVER done without wine in hand!

Mahoney boys and Gagnon girls. Wouldn't be Christmas Eve without this crew!

Mahoney boys and Gagnon girls. Wouldn’t be Christmas Eve without this crew!

While I was home in Maine last weekend, I went grocery shopping with my mom. Hannaford carries Portland Pie Company pizza dough, which is by far the BEST pizza dough (unless my dad makes his pizza dough because, really, nothing beats homemade pizza dough), so I grabbed the Garlic one to bring back to MA with me.

If you don’t have access to this delicious dough, you can usually find a store brand dough in the deli section at the grocery store… they work juuuust fine.


1. Pre-heat oven to 450*. Sprinkle some flour onto your clean working surface and start to spread out the dough. I do this by hand to start and then use a rolling-pin if I need to.

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2. We have a pizza stone, which is one of my favorite kitchen items! I usually cook the dough a little before adding toppings.  This isn’t necessary, but it helps to eliminate soggy pizza:)

020 022

3. Top with sauce, cheese and any toppings of your choice! We always add a little oregano to the sauce… it really makes a difference! If we top with veggies, we usually sautee those a little before putting them on the pizza.  Tonight we went simple and just put peppers on one half, and turkey pepperoni on the other half.


4. Pop into the oven and cook for 10-15 minutes, or until the cheese has browned up a little.

024 025

Make sure your cat doesn’t get stuck in the fridge since you’re in and out of it so much (my sister had the camera and caught this- I was not happy about it!)…


Personally, I like to enjoy my pizza with some veggies or a salad, pita chips and hummus, and wine- of course! Enjoy!

Catching up!

TGIF! What a week this has been! I think I am finally feeling totally better now… I thought I was better yesterday, but shortly into teach kickboxing, I realized it was a false alarm! I think the high impact, constant cardio mixed with trying to yell AND breath was what really did me in. Thankfully, the class has lots of “regulars” now and I don’t need to do as much of the class if I don’t have the energy (which, last night, I just didn’t).

Let’s do some catching up, shall we? Wednesday I worked from home because I was still not feeling well.  Since I am traveling for work 2 times in March and will be missing 2 Wednesday UXF classes in a row, I had to still teach at night.  Luckily, I am not supposed to actually do any of the class (Since it is so intense, I am supposed to walk around, coach, correct form, etc)… I usually try to do about 3/4 of the class because I think members like to see me huffing and puffing too, but on Wednesday, I really didn’t do any of it.  We had record numbers at the gym on Wednesday… Look at this group!

001I had 29 members in class!!! There is nothing like the energy from teaching a big group! I was so bummed I couldn’t sweat with them, but at least I could wear one of my new lulu tops;)


(Creeper spotting in the background!)

When I got to work yesterday, I was greeted with this amazing treat box:


Ummm… YUM! I received a Winston Flowers gift when I was first hired, so as soon as I saw the ribbon, I KNEW it was going to be good! Of course, as soon as I got home I had to open everything up and try a bite of them all (thankfully my stomach welcomed these bites with big, hungry arms!).

The Effie’s Oatcakes were by far my favorite. I remember when Athena had an Effie’s Giveaway on her blog… such a good giveaway because these things are amazing! Especially dipped in the chocolate hazelnut spread!


And, who doesn’t love chocolate covered Oreos??


This hot chocolate is legit little chocolate pieces, so I am not sure how I will like that, but I’ll definitely give it a shot!


Finally… marshmallow pops!!  I tried a bite of the Honey Pecan last night and it did not disappoint!

010 009

Phew! What I am trying to say, is that gift basket was amazing!

Today I am working from home and then teaching UXF Burn in Allston tonight.  My sister and roommate are both returning home today after a week of travel, so I have pizza dough thawing in the fridge now and cannot wait for homemade pizza night! Be on the lookout for that post soon!

Questions for you: Have you ever received a Winston Flowers gift package? Were your classes busy at the gym this week? What are your Friday night plans?

Have a great Friday!