The Great Protein Debate- Need Your Help!!

Hey friends! Boy was it nice having yesterday off! Even though I was busy with a car appointment, shopping, dealing with canceling cable, gas, and electricity only to set them back up in my new place, I did find time to relax in the sun for a little bit! I also talked to my friend, Jess about an exciting new opportunity that I will hopefully be sharing with you in the next few weeks AND picked up the keys to my new apartment!!! Eeek!

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Luckily, my shopping trips were very successful! Not only did I get some super cute things for Emma’s birthday party tomorrow, I also got some great deals for myself, including a dress for Christy’s wedding next weekend (holy crap time is flying by!). Here’s the loot! It may look like I spent a lot, but I promise I didn’t! Stores are having incredible deals right now.


(The green thing on the back of my phone is a post-it “to do” note… I keep them there so that I won’t forget things! 🙂 )

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While shopping, I meandered into GNC to check out the protein options. With the amount I work out and the fact that I’ve recently cut back dramatically on sweets, I feel like I really need to up the protein in my diet. Rather than filling myself up with unnecessary sweets and “filler” foods (don’t get me wrong- I love treats and snacks and certainly don’t deprive myself, I am just trying to nourish my body with more of what it NEEDS based on my activity levels), I want to keep myself satisfied with foods that will help keep me fuller for longer and help fuel me through my workouts.

But, here’s the problem- I have NO IDEA what type of protein to buy. I asked a friend and he said:

-Whey protein

-One that has 20 grams of protein per shake

-Chocolate is the best flavor

Helpful, but I still need more help! I haven’t done a lot of research, but after checking out a number of different websites, this one in particular, I do think that Whey protein is probably the best option for me as I am just trying to supplement my diet and help repair muscle after spending 1-2 hours in the gym at least 5-6 days a week. Plus, it’s not like I don’t eat any protein; I have Greek yogurt almost daily (usually about 13g/container), in addition to chicken and/or fish, but I definitely need more!


I did a little research and read that “recreational athletes” should be consuming anywhere from .4-.75 grams of protein for every pound of body weight (every site had a number within this range), which would mean on the low end, I need about 48-50 grams of protein daily. In order to get from the 30 or so grams of protein I likely eat in a day, to the 50 or so I SHOULD be consuming, I think a protein shake would be perfect!

But, that brings me back to the question: what type of protein powder do I buy?! I would love to be able to buy a few different kinds to try them out, but they all come in such big packages and are definitely not cheap, so that wouldn’t be a smart route for me to go. I also want to make sure it TASTES good, because there is no way I’m going to suffer through drinking something that tastes like garbage.

Here’s where you come in! Do you use protein powder? Do you have a brand you’ve found to be particularly “good” in terms of effects and taste? What would you suggest for a “newbie” protein powder user? Please help! Clearly, I need it 🙂