Living Alone: Things I’m Lovin’, Things I’m Missin’ and Weird Things I’m Doin’

Well, I’ve officially lived alone for 12 days. It may not seem like that long, but in that short amount of time I’ve realized that it’s very different living alone than with roommates! There are a lot of things I love about living alone, but there are a few things I do miss about living with people!

I didn’t hate living with roommates at all and didn’t move out for that reason, but I think there comes a point where it’s just time to move on and get your own place. I think this is especially important to do before you get married (at least, in my opinion) so you can learn what it’s like to be completely on your own before you really settle down. Marriage is not anywhere in the horizon for me… yet… (it’d be great if it happened within the next 2-4 years, though. Not that I can plan that, but it would be nice! 😉 ) but I already feel like I’ve learned a lot about myself because of living alone for just a short amount of time (here’s where the ‘”weird things I’m doin’ ” comes in!).

Things I’m Lovin’

1. When I come home from work and teaching and/or the gym, I know the apartment will look exactly how I left it. I’m really trying to de-clutter and keep things organized since I don’t have much space and, so far, so good!


2. I don’t have to wait for the bathroom in the morning, or ever! This drastically cuts down my “get ready” time in the morning.

3. Everything is mine!! Granted, I’ll miss this when it comes to getting ready to go out and I don’t have multiple closets to work with, but on a day-to-day basis, I like knowing that everything is mine and only mine. I can keep things where it’s convenient for me and not have to worry about hogging space. It’s lovely.


4. I can watch whatever I want on TV. I’m not a big TV person (Athena and I were laughing about that over the weekend… how we both aren’t big TV people at all and can’t wait to use Sunday football afternoons to blog instead of watch football), but sometimes there is something I want to watch that I might not have gotten to watch before.

5. When I clean, the apartment stays clean! It’s so easy to keep up with little chores on a daily basis when I live alone. It doesn’t hurt that my apartment is now 1/3 of the size of my old apartment!

6. Loads of room in the fridge! Living with 2 other girls who both love to cook and have plenty of fruits and veggies and leftovers in the fridge makes for a jam-packed fridge up until Saturday every week. My fridge and freezer look so empty, but I love it!


7. Shorter commute into the city for work and play. With the airport T stop being just a half mile from my apartment and 2 stops to get to the aquarium, getting in and out of the city is a breeze!


8. The park near my apartment. It is so nice to have a well-maintained, beautiful park just a short distance from my apartment (I actually walk through it to get to and from the T every day). I’ve really enjoyed my runs and boot camps that I’ve used it for!


Things I’m Missin’

1. My sister and friend, Amy, who is also like a sister! We really had a lot of fun living together so it’s weird not seeing or talking to them every day.


2. Multiple closets, shoe options and jewelry options. Once I pay off all of the new things I’ve had to buy for the move, I will need to go shopping to extend my current wardrobe.


3. Having style advice. I am really not very good at looking stylish and staying current with what’s “in” and “out”, so it was nice having two roommates who were impeccable at it!

4. Charlie! I know, I know. I used to hate him, but over the past year and ever since he got out of his naughty kitten stage, I’ve really started to like him, so it’s weird not having him around to greet me when I get home. Luckily, my upstairs neighbor has a big Garfield cat, Chartruese, who roams around outside and loves to be pet!


5. Living in Somerville where it’s a little easier to get to and from places. I am really loving East Boston thus far, and once I get my EZ Pass updated to say I am an East Boston resident (the tunnel charge will only be 40 cents!!!), it will be even better. With that said, I was so used to living in Somerville and knew my way around so well that it felt like home. I’m not there yet with Eastie, but I know I’ll get there. I already loveeee my new commute to and from the city!

Weird Things I’m Doin’

1. Leaving cabinet doors and draws open. If I know I’m going to be going back shortly- let’s say I’m making lunches or cooking/baking and constantly opening draws and cabinets to get things- I’d rather just leave everything open.


2. Using the same plates/bowls/silverware day after day. I have a dishwasher, but it’s so much easier and faster to just wash my dishes after I eat and put them in the drying rack. Come the next meal time, I don’t have to even open a cabinet or draw to get a plate, bowl, fork, knife, etc. because everything I might need is already in the drying rack ready for me to easily grab! I literally think I could live with just 1 set of silverware, 1 plate, 1 bowl and 1 cup. It’s ridiculous.


3. Being obsessive about keeping things organized. As soon as I finish using something that’s usually stored in a closet or draw, I immediately put it away. I guess there could be worse things, right?!


4. Obsessively locking my doors. I’ve never been crazy about that, but living alone I feel much safer when I know I’m securely locked in. It’s taken a lot of adjusting in order to not freak out every time I hear something outside!

I’m sure these lists will only grow as time passes in my new place. Overall, though, I have to say I am really loving the whole “living alone” thing. I feel like a real grown up!

Questions for you: Do you live alone? If so, what’s your favorite thing about living alone? Whether you live alone or not, what’s something “weird” that you do?

I’ve got work today and then going out for Athena’s birthday! Realllly looking forward to a casual night out with some new friends. It’s been a long, not so great week. Tomorrow, after teaching kickboxing at the YMCA, Danielle, Chuck and I will be heading north for the long weekend!! Maine makes everything better 🙂 I hope all of you have a great long weekend, too!!