Chicago: Part1 {Shopping and Bar Hopping}

Hi! I think I left off on my last post right as we got to downtown Chicago. After we dropped our bags off, Danielle and I decided to head to Michigan Avenue to grab lunch as we were both starving! Lucky for us, Michigan Avenue was only a 5 minute walk away so we were seated at Pizzeria Due in no time at all. Since it was vacation, we ordered beers right away. I went with the Green Light first and the 312 next, both of which were local Chicago beers.


We ordered a salad and 2 personal deep dish pizza’s which were amazing! I am not usually a big deep dish pizza lover, but with all the sauce and cheese on these bad boys, I was a happy camper!


To help digest the rather large lunch, we walked around Michigan Ave a bit and did some shopping. I got a new fake leather jacket and an awesome pair of blue velour skinny pants from the Gap. I am obsessed with them!!


We got carried away with shopping and had to rush back to our hotel to change and get ready to meet our friend JP out at the Public House. I hadn’t seen JP since June so I was really excited that he lives in Chicago and could be our tour guide for the weekend! He works with Jeremy, who we used to work with when we worked together (they both left my company and now work together at a different company in Chicago), so it was fun to see Jeremy, too!


After a few drinks, we grabbed a quick bite at Timothy O’Toole’s and continued to bar hop for the rest of the night. We made a quick stop at Butch McGuires and then ended the night at Hubbard Inn. I don’t remember too much of the later part of the night at the last bar, but thankfully we got back to the hotel around midnight… any later could have been a real problem for me! I don’t usually let myself get like that, but I think it was a mix of being on vacation and hanging out with JP that got me in the mood to drink. Yikes. Saturday was a super busy day, so I will save that recap for its own post!

IMG_5702IMG_5706 IMG_5710 IMG_5727 IMG_5750

Questions for you: Have you been to Chicago? Where was the best deep dish pizza you ate? Did you shop on Michigan Ave?

8 thoughts on “Chicago: Part1 {Shopping and Bar Hopping}

  1. Lindsey says:

    Love this post and seeing Danielle on the blog! So funny – I was in Chicago last month and stayed right near Michigan, went to Timothy O’Tooles for apps and drinks on Saturday, and then Pizzeria Due for an extremely hungover Sunday lunch. You guys made good choices! 😉

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