Wednesday Workout: Strength & Cardio UXF Burn Workout w/Burpee Blasts

Burpee blasts caught your attention, didn’t it? I thought so 😉

As you know, I teach a UXF Burn class at the Central Square BSC on Wednesday nights. UXF Burn is the BSC’s signature calorie burning, high intensity group exercise class that is meant to somewhat mimic CrossFit workouts, but in the group ex setting. I wouldn’t necessarily agree with that statement, but I will say it’s a max calorie burning class that always leaves us dead at the end!

We have a fairly strict format to go by, but I’ve come up with my own format that I think is better (harder) and that my members like more. I follow the basic 60 second strength exercise and 60 second core exercise format, but between each I’ve added in a cardio blast. It can either be 10 reps of something or 20-30 seconds of something. Last week, I brought back the amazing Surfer Burpee variation- I hadn’t had my members do that type of burpee in forever!

In addition to bringing back an oldie burpee, I brought in some “new” exercises. I’ve been trying to get more creative with my exercises to not only keep my members on their toes, but to keep me excited while teaching. I think it’s ok to sometimes say “I know this isn’t anything new or fancy” when introducing a move, but I think what gets people even more excited is when I get excited when I’m introducing things: “you guys! I have a lot of new, really fun moves for us to do today- I’m so excited about them!”. Can anyone else relate?

With that said, let’s get to the workout. The format, as I mentioned earlier, is 60 seconds of the move on the left (strength exercises), followed by 60 seconds of the core exercises. In between sets, perform 10 surfer burpees (5 each side). At the end, if you’re feeling like you want more cardio before repeating the strength/core/cardio blast part of the workout, feel free to do the Pyramid Cardio Blast- it’s killer 😉

strength and cardio w. surfer burpees

Since some of the moves are new to B2B, I did a few video demos:

  • Wide squat, lift and twist:
  • Plie squat w/upright row and lat raise:
  • Shoulder press to tricep OH extension:
  • Weighted windmill:
  • Push-up and knee tuck:
  • Straight leg sit-up w/4 rows:

As always, if you need any other explanations or demos, don’t be afraid to ask!

Questions for you: What’s your favorite burpee? What’s your favorite way to use a household item in a workout?


3 thoughts on “Wednesday Workout: Strength & Cardio UXF Burn Workout w/Burpee Blasts

  1. Kim says:

    Dang – that push-up with knee tuck looks brutal – you know I’m going to try it soon!!! So happy that you did some videos again!! This workout looks awesome and I’m all in on the burpee blast (any kind!!).

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