Wednesday Workout: My Favorite Kickboxing Combos {Take 2}

A while ago, I posted some of my favorite kickboxing combos (with videos) and have received a bunch of great feedback, so I thought it was probably time to post a new set of combos! Back when I was teaching 2 kickboxing classes a week, I was coming up with a LOT of combos; some I loved and repeated and others got used once and I realized they just didn’t work how I wanted them to so I didn’t used them again. It’s hard to know what works and what doesn’t when you’re making them up in your head at your desk 😉

Check out my previous post on “how-to’s” for the various basic punches!

Shuffle & Jabs, Up, Up, Down, Down Jabs & Steps, Knees & Burpee

  • Shuffle & Jabs 4 times to the right, then back to the left
  • V-Step forward and back with high and low punches (twice)
  • 2 right knees, 2 left knees
  • Burpee

For this one, you start with 4 jab and shuffles right and left. I do this a bunch of times for us to get warmed up and ready to add on. From there, you step up with the right foot and punch up with the right arm. Do the same thing with the left and then step back with the right and punch down with the right and again with your left so you’re back where you started. Next, add on 2 knees on the right and 2 on the left. Lastly, add in a burpee, then start from the top!

Alternating Quick Jabs, Squat, Double Jabs, Hops, Burpee & Kick

  • 4 alternating quick jabs, 1 squat
  • 2 double jabs, 4 hops forward and back
  • Burpee, kick right, Burpee, kick left

(This video is formatted weird… if you press play, then pause, then play again it will show up how it’s supposed to. sorry about that!)

This one starts out pretty basic: alternating jabs, focusing on strong arms and a tight core. From there, you add on a basic squat: 4 jabs, 1 squat. Taking the same theme, you switch to double jabs right and left and then with your guards up, hop forward and back twice. I love this move because I can feel it working my inner thighs a lot! The last part is killer: burpee, front kick right, burpee, front kick left.

Side Facing Quick Jabs, Squat, 4 Alternating Wide Knees, Hooks, Upper Cuts, 2 V-Jumps

  • 4 quick left jabs in a low squat position, 1 squat
  • 4 alternating wide knees
  • 2 hooks, 2 uppers (twice)
  • 2 v-jumps with 2 hops back

We turn to face the side of the class on this one and start with left quick jabs. I usually do about 3 sets of 8 to start so the shoulder really feels a burn! From there, you do 1 squat. Adding on, you’ll do 4 alternating knees, right hook & left hook and right upper cut & left upper cut- repeat the hooks and uppers once before doing 2 V-jumps forward with 2 hops back.

Jab, Jab, Elbows, Knees, Jump Squats

  • Right & left jabs with jack feet then 2 elbows (twice)
  • 2 right knees, 2 left knees
  • 2 jump squats

This one is high cardio, so you may want to take it down a level before adding in the jumps. You jump your feet out as you jab with the right, back in as you bring your arms back in and back out as you jab with the left. Then you jump your feet out and bring your elbows back two time: jab, jab, elbows, elbows- do that twice through before you add in 2 right knees, 2 left knees and end with 2 jump squats.

Speed Bag, Shuffles, Knee & Kick, Kick Front & Back, Kick Touch Down

  • Speed bag with shuffle feet (right, left, double right, left, right, double left)
  • Right knee & kick (twice)
  • Right front kick, left back kick (twice)
  • Right front kick & touch down (twice)

Start this on by just doing the feet shuffles: right, left, double right, left, right, double left. From there, add in the speed bags. After doing it on the right and the left, do a knee & kick on the right and then the left. Then do a right front kick, left back kick (2 times) and then right kick & touch down (2 times). So it looks like this: Speed bag & shuffle right, then left, knee kick right then left, front right kick back left kick (twice), right kick and touch down (twice).

For all of these combos, you’re going to want to do them on the left lead, too, so that you’re training both sides evenly. Also, I realize I messed up in a few videos (didn’t repeat things enough), so pardon me for that! I was too far in to re-film them as  my sister was losing her patience for helping me 🙂

So, there you have it! I hope you like these and are able to incorporate some of the combos in classes you teach or if you’re working out at home! Everything I do with a right lead gets repeated in the second half of class with a left lead. I usually do 3 combo sets with the right lead and the same 3 with the left lead- I hate being uneven!

Edited to add: I recently posted my 3rd post of kickboxing combos which can be found here.

Questions for you: What’s a kickboxing combo you like?


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