Wednesday Workout: 30 minute burpee spectacular workout

Happy Wednesday, friends! The workout I have for you today is awesome… especially if you like burpees! As I mentioned on Monday, I was able to go to a bootcamp last week with my favorite instructor. I ended up having to cancel my bootcamp because of the rain, so it worked perfectly. I got probably more excited than I should have when she started the class by saying “the workout today is going to be tough, you guys, but we are going to push through it since the hard part will be over in 30 minutes.” And then, after the warm up, she said “ok, to get you focused and get your drive going, you have 3 minutes to complete 50 jump squats.” Again, I was definitely too excited about this.

I just love the environment of a class where you’re encouraged to dig deep, get in the zone  and give it your all. While I didn’t have the guts to make my class do 130 strict, chest to ground, burpees, I DID have the guts to make them do half of those 😉 And YOU have the option to do 120 burpees OR 60 burpees- have fun!

30 minute burpee spectacular

As the workout says, you do each exercise for 60 seconds. Whenever you decide to put in the burpees, you have 60 seconds to complete 10 of them. Whatever is left of the 60 seconds after your 10 burpees is your rest, so keep that in mind.

Here are some explanations for a few exercises that might be new to you:

  • Hand release push-ups with opposite knee crunch: start in a high plank, then lower yourself all the way to the ground and lift your hands (hand release, get it?). Tighten your core and press your hands into the ground to lift yourself back up into a high plank. When you’re in a high plank, bring your right knee to left elbow. Do another hand release push-up and bring your left knee to right elbow. These are killer after burpees!
  • Side Squats- grab a set of medium size weights and hold one in each hand. Bend elbows to 90* and squat right and then squat left. Your biceps will be burning by the end of this!
  • Spider man plank- the instructor called these long-legged mountain climbers, but I think they are really just spider man planks. Start in a high plank and bring your right foot all the way up to your right hand. Repeat on the left. Want more? pick up your pace so you’re hopping your feet up and back.
  • Plank with under body cross over- I couldn’t figure out what to call this exercise, hence the confusing name. All you’re doing here is holding yourself in a high plank to start. From there, bring your right leg (keep it straight) underneath your body and up towards your left hand. Keep your core tight and hips flat so that you feel a nice twist. Keep alternating legs for the 60 seconds.
  • Side crunches- get comfy on your right glute in a side lying position. Glue your legs together and crunch your knees up to your right elbow. Want more? Try it straight-legged. Repeat on the left.
  • Full body sit-ups- start in a spine position. When you crunch your upper body, crunch your lower body, too. So basically you’re crunching your knees towards your elbows.

I think that covers it. This workout was actually really fun… and the best part is this workout will leave you totally spent, in only a half hour! Instructor friends, after this, I did about 10 minutes of constant upper body supersets. It was perfect!

Questions for you: What’s your favorite burpee variation?


4 thoughts on “Wednesday Workout: 30 minute burpee spectacular workout

  1. Kim says:

    Oh – this looks awesome!!!
    I don’t know if I have one favorite burpee variation – so far I haven’t done one that I said I would never do again:)

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