Guest Post: How to Trust an Unexpected Journey

Hey guys! I’m so excited to share this guest post/story with you. Caroline, who blogs over at The Trendy Trainer has graciously offered to share how and why she made the transition from a “9-5” office/desk job to a schedule and work/life balance allowing her to pursue things she enjoyed more. Things that made her happier. Caroline is the absolute sweetest girl and I hope you enjoy her story!


Caroline guest post

I vividly remember moments in my childhood when I played about 17 different sports. From field hockey to tennis, lacrosse and horse back riding, I tried it all. I would attend summer camps and clinics play for single seasons and then switch to another sport — it’s safe to say I had a difficult time making up my mind.

In college I veered towards fine arts, graduating from college with my BFA in Art History. Yet, even though I was learning about the Italian Renaissance and figure drawing, I still had an itch to be healthy and stay active.

Bottom line: As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized my patterns as a kid haven’t changed at all over the years.

So when I began teaching indoor cycling classes and gradually immersed myself in the fitness industry, it wasn’t long before I knew this transition — this unexpected journey — was where I was supposed to be.

I began writing The Trendy Trainer as a way to review and recap fitness studios in the Boston-area. Paralleling my patterns as a child, I was able to partake in numerous group fitness classes — never feeling bored by my workout routine.

After numerous networking events and hours spent staring at a blank WordPress page, my blog turned into a job. I could finally write about Boston-area fitness studio openings, instructor profiles and up-and-coming trends in this industry — and get paid for it.

There was just one small glitch, the job was full-time and required me to be sitting behind a desk for nearly 55 hours a week.

No bueno. Especially when the topic you’re writing about is health and fitness.

8 months of feeling trapped and chained down, I knew ‘desk life’ wasn’t for me. I was transitioning into unhealthy behaviors, didn’t have time for my own workouts and was consistently stressed out. The last straw? My relationships with my loved ones were being strained.

Something had to change.

I knew this meant possibly leaving a style of work I so desperately loved and transitioning into a daily work schedule that wasn’t ‘normal’.

For about two months as my transition was getting approved, I took a hard look at how I had reached where I was professionally. From sports-fanatic to receiving my BFA , this was an unexpected journey with many twists and turns I could have never predicted.

However, through hard work, dedication and a passion for valuing my worth I was able to compose a schedule and job that I truly enjoy.

And that is an exciting journey to be a part of.


Thank you so much, Caroline, for this post! Can’t wait for our next #fitfriend date 🙂

Questions for you: Have you ever made an unexpected change to your journey? Have you ever taken a leap of faith and done something that scared you?

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