Weekending & Preparing for the “Big Move”

Good morning! It’s hard to believe we are entering into our LAST week of summer, huh? I mean, I know September generally bodes good weather, but it’s crazy to think that Labor Day Weekend is right around the corner. The Cape seemed to be a bit quieter than normal this past weekend, and I wonder if it’s because a lot of schools have already started so people don’t hang around as long on Sundays anymore? Whatever the reason, I’ll take it! Here are some pictures from the weekend- it was a good one!

Part of our dinner on Friday night- whipped up this delicious quinoa salad… hope to share it with you this week!


RM had a bunch of stuff to do for one of the apartments he’s renting so after I taught I went to the beach in East Boston for a few hours.


Ahhh, finally made it to the Cape just in time for cocktail hour 😉


Have you guys tried these Spiked Seltzers? I loveeedd it and want to try more flavors!


Soaking up the sun on a beautiful Sunday beach day. The water was the perfect temp and was so fun to play in!


Traffic was on our side on the way home, too- love when that happens 🙂 What I don’t love, though? Is packing… it’s just the worst. I haven’t talked much about it on the blog, but RM and I have decided to move in together! We are moving into a house his family owns in Watertown/Newton Corner and while I’m sad to leave East Boston and the “city” life, it will be nice to have a bigger apartment… with a yard… and a big driveway, so even though we won’t be a few short T stops into the city anymore, it will be nice to have all of those things. Plus, I think it’s going to be a lot of fun living together and it is going to make my life so much easier because I won’t have to pack a bag and head to his place every night like I’ve been doing for the past year+.

While I’m a little nervous about moving in with a guy (this is a first for me!), I definitely feel like it’s the right time and something I really want to do. We spend so much time together anyway, that it will be nice to be able to do that in a place of our own, which is much different than doing it at his apartment, even though I feel super comfortable there. I’m sure there will be some adjustments that we will both have to make, but at the end of the day, I think our lives in terms of living will mesh really well together and I’m excited to have someone to come home to every night! I’m also excited to cook and shop together (even though we already do this all the time now) and have one “home base” to share so that no matter what our schedules are like, we know we will at least both be going to bed together every night.

So, I’m moving out of my place on Thursday and then we are both moving to Watertown officially on Tuesday the 8th. I know you’re probably going “why wouldn’t you just move in at the same date together?!”, and I get it… we are questioning the same thing! I think originally the plan was to have me moved out in early September so the new renters could move in. They are doing some renovations to the apartment we are moving into (new countertops, new sink, new dishwasher, new stove, putting in a washer and a dryer, etc.), so we were hoping to have that finished before officially moving in, which is why his move date is a few days out past mine. It’s going to be a little chaotic, but hopefully things will go smoothly!

I’m hoping to keep my blogging fairly regular over the next few weeks, but if I seem to go silent, at least you’ll know why 🙂

Questions for you: What was the best part of your weekend? Have you tried the spiked seltzers? Do you feel ready for summer to end? Any tips for moving in with your significant other?


11 thoughts on “Weekending & Preparing for the “Big Move”

  1. Ellyn @ In Fitness and In Health says:

    First off, a huge congrats on your decision to move in together!! That’s awesome! It’s a huge step forward in any relationship, and the fact that you feel it’s right is a huge milestone! I’m in the exact same boat as you right now, too. My boyfriend lives in Albany, NY and I’m in Providence, RI right now. We’ve been doing the long distance thing for about 5 years, and now that he’s graduating grad school, we are finally moving in together! I can’t wait for the things you mention, too: coming home to each other, shopping and cooking together, and just BEING with each other. Man it will be great!!

    I hear you on the packing, too. I’m so anxious about it! I’m not moving till the end of September, so I haven’t even started, but man I really should. Hah! Can’t wait to stay updated on your move! Let us know how it’s going! 🙂

    P.S. That quinoa salad looks amazing. Can’t wait to check out that recipe!

    • Burpees to Bubbly says:

      Thank you!! I noticed you’re doing the same thing, but yours entails moving to a whole other state! I can’t believe you’ve done long distance for 5 years- that’s incredible! Happy that you get to be together now- it’s going to feel great 🙂

  2. Sarah Matthews says:

    Best of luck on the move Monique! My biggest tip on moving in with a guy is to have patience! Bernie and I had (and still do) very different opinions on what “clean” is, what “my space vs yours” is, etc. The only way we’ve been able to make it work is to stay patient and communicate about everything. We all have our own quirks and things we like about our space and home when we live alone. It’s important to talk about how you like to live together so that miscommunications don’t happen. Sounds like you guys are ready! Enjoy!

    • Burpees to Bubbly says:

      Thanks, Sarah! Patience is something I struggle with, so hopefully I’ll learn to get some 🙂 At least Roberto is clean like me- that’s a huge step in the right direction. As long as we are open I think it will work out well. Luckily, it’s 1100 square feet so we have some space!

  3. Kristen@goodngoodforya says:

    Congrats on your relationship milestone! Advice on moving in… hmm… I agree with Sarah, patience is important. Discuss the minor annoyances when they come up rather than pretending things don’t bother you when they do. Neither of you are psychic and you didn’t grow up with the same household expectations.

    And those spiked seltzers look great!

    • Burpees to Bubbly says:

      Thank you Kristen! We’ve talked about annoyances already and I think on top of patience I need to get thicker skin and not let things bother me so much! Say what’s on my mind, let him say what’s on his mind and move on 🙂

  4. Jen @nutcaseinpoint says:

    Good luck with the move! The first time I ever lived with a boy was when I took a gamble and moved here to be with Tyler and there were a LOT of adjustments to make! If you’re at his place all the time already, I don’t think it should be that much of a game changer, but you might pick up on some small things that will drive you BATTY. And it’s ok! (Because chances are, he will too)

    • Burpees to Bubbly says:

      WOW! That sure is a big/crazy step, but look at where you are now- happily married with a beautiful baby boy! I’m sure we will drive each other crazy at times, but it won’t be the first time that’s happened 😉

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