Living with a guy- 2 week check-in

Hello! As most of you probably know by know, my boyfriend (RM) and I moved in together exactly 2 weeks ago. I honestly had no idea what to think of living with a boyfriend since it was my first time. I was a little nervous, but those nerves went away as soon as we had our first night together in the apartment. I should preface this “check in” by saying that although we didn’t officially live together, I did spend probably 5 nights a week at his place and we’ve been on multiple weekend getaways and things like that, so my transition may have been a little easier than others. Still, regardless of how prepared we were for the change, change is change and can cause nerves at the beginning or leading up to said change.

The high level verdict? LOVING IT! We laugh all the time when we talk about how seamless that part of the move has been. The first night in a new place or with a new roommate can always feel a little weird, but I have to say- I felt NONE of that. It all just felt normal and right, which, in the midst of all the kitchen renovation chaos, was a really welcomed feeling 😉

When we get together with other people or talk to people in our offices, the topic of conversation generally goes like this:

  1. How did the move go?
  2. How is it living with RM/Monique?

Although the move wasn’t the easiest thing (just because we’ve been dealing with renovations), living together has been FUN. I joke that we’ve only fought once, which I consider a big win! And, the fight was only because I got mad that he conveniently went to his mother’s house to “drop a chair off”, which just happened to be at dinner time when his nephew and brother and SIL would be there while I stayed home and peeled layers of nasty contact paper out of the cabinets… I was not a happy camper, but after that little tiff we’ve been smooth sailing!

I think one of the best parts about moving in together is always knowing that we share a “home base”. There’s no more worrying about schedules that don’t align or packing up and living out of bags. We get up, go to work and regardless of what happens after work we know we are both coming home to the same house and that’s a really awesome feeling. RM said it best in a text when he said it feels like a calmness has come over the relationship.  I couldn’t agree with that statement more! I was so tired of packing up my breakfast, lunch, work clothes and gym clothes and being the ultimate bag lady. It was exhausting! And figuring out who was going to cook and if I needed to bring my own food over… there’s just none of that anymore and it’s great!

So far, I don’t think I’ve annoyed him that much and he hasn’t really annoyed me. I’m sure that will change soon enough, but for now we are happily living in the honeymoon romantic bliss as a result of the new move. We both pull our own weight around the house and work really well together on tasks, projects and general every day things so even once we are out of the honeymoon stage I think we are still going to have a lot of fun living together.


I’d love to hear from you guys, though, if you live with or have lived with a significant other- what was the easiest part of that transition? Hardest part? Do you annoy your sig. other or get annoyed by them? How do you delegate chores like laundry and taking out the trash and grocery shopping?