Eats as of late (Part III)

Good morning! I was scrolling through the pictures on my phone trying to delete some and realized it’s been a hot minute since I’ve shared my recent eats with you- April, to be exact! While we haven’t been cooking very much lately, we did have some great home cooked meals throughout the summer, as well as meals out at restaurants, and thought it would be fun to share them. If you missed parts I & II, you can find them here:

Eats as of Late
Eats as of Late (Part II)

  • Summer fruits- I always love fruit, but it tastes so much better in the summer when it’s in season. Making up a fruit salad at the beginning of the week made for a great snack!


  • Sunday morning pancakes- Always healthy, always delicious. I can’t wait until we are settled in our new kitchen so this tradition can return.

pancakes 2

  • Pizza, pizza and more pizza. My girlfriends got together at Brewers Fork and then I made pizza for book club and when I was home in Maine one weekend.

IMG_2157 IMG_1956 IMG_1761

  • Seafood was another thing I couldn’t get enough of this summer. We at oysters often (below are from Island Creek Oyster Bar) and at least a few lobster rolls (from the Popponesset Inn)!

IMG_1711 IMG_1926

  • Stuffed peppers made a few appearances. Standard and deconstructed

IMG_1718 Deconstructed stuffed peppers 2

  • Eggs were always a regular on the menu for us! Over easy or sunny side up are my favorites, but this quiche was also really good



  • Summer grilling! We made lots of burgers and other grill-able items like these skewers

IMG_1887 IMG_1618


  • Sometimes I just cooked up chicken, veggies & quinoa as they were easy to eat throughout the week


Loaded quinoa salad

IMG_1616 IMG_2346

  • Lots of these types of snacks for Cape weekends


chicken & veggie zoodle scampi bowl

  • Ice cream- lots and lots of ice cream (black raspberry with rainbow jimmies every.single.time)


Phew! How about that! What was your favorite thing to eat this summer? Do you eat fruit seasonally? Did you eat out a lot this summer?