Eats as of Late

Hi there! I looked at my phone the other day and realized I have so many pictures of food… food we’ve cooked and food we’ve had at restaurants. In order to clean up my phone- and since the meals were clearly blog worthy if I photographed them 😉 – I thought I’d share them with you, today! I really enjoy Athena’s posts like this, so here we go!

Spaghetti Squash, Kale & Turkey Meatballs- This is one of my favorite healthy meals to make; it’s probably on the monthly rotation because it’s great for lunches, too.


Breakfast for Dinner- I was inspired from The Fitnessista and luckily had roasted veggies in the fridge so I whipped it up!


Tacos! We’ve made them a few times and they get better each time. I also ordered fish taco’s at Legal C Bar in Lynnfield and at Earls Kitchen at Assembly Row. Clearly I have a taco obsession…

IMG_9293 IMG_9642


Zucchini Fritters courtesy of RM topped with a runny egg. He also wanted me to share the bison patty topped with zucchini egg fritters and sauerkraut and spinach. It was quite the breakfast!



Spicy Millet topped with Broccoli Rabbe and Homemade Sausage– oh my. this meal was unbelievable! RM’s homemade sausage is incredible and I was totally a fan of millet.


Coconut Encrusted Chicken atop Baked Kale and Rutabaga- Another delicious meal thanks to RM! He was super creative in the kitchen during our “staycation” and I loved every second of it!


This amazing bread, which I also put into muffins sometimes! Heated and topped with coconut oil, almond butter and cinnamon it makes for the most delicious, sinless snack 😉


Pizza from Santarpio’s no explanation necessary!


Cornish Game Hens at mom and dads- this was our “Boxing Day” dinner when RM came to Maine. I love when mom cooks!


Christmas Eve dinner at the Gagnons… dad made homemade dough and we put together some amazing pizzas!


RM’s birthday dinner at Eastern Standard We had oysters and bone marrow to start and then I had the pork dish and he had steak frites. Everything was so tasty! I just love it there.


Lastly, we went to Post 390 for New Years Eve. We ordered oysters, tuna tartar, a meat and cheese plate and then I got braised short ribs for dinner… Nothing in the entire meal was a disappointment!

IMG_9844 IMG_9845

Well then… I guess I’ve had some pretty awesome meals over the past month or so! It was really fun looking back to see what I’ve been eating, and especially fun getting to share pictures of the meals we’ve been cooking- much better than infiltrating Instagram with these pics 😉

Questions for you: What have you been eating a lot of lately? Favorite restaurant right now? Have you ever been to any of the restaurants in this post?

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