Life Without A Fitbit {Hint: I’m Surviving Juuuuuust Fine}

Tracking devices can be a really great thing, but, as I’ve mentioned before, they can also be something that cause us to be a little TOO obsessed with numbers and tracking. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t sure how I would do with the Fitbit. Would I be too obsessed with hitting my numbers? Would I be too obsessed with checking my stats throughout the day? Would I force movement on myself just to hit the 10K even on days when I just wanted to relax on the couch?

Luckily, the Fitbit had the effect on me that I think is the goal of the Fitbit: it opened my eyes to how sedentary we can be on a daily basis and it helped me get in some extra movement- without making me TOO obsessed with getting my steps in. I loved how it tracked my sleep, I loved how I could track my movement (especially on non-workout days and when traveling) and I loved how I could track my workouts in the workout log. In other words, I became kind of attached to my Fitbit, so when it died on me about a month ago, I have to say I was pretty bummed out.


How was I going to know how much movement I was getting in? How could I see my stats from day to day and week to week? How could I know how well (or not well) I was sleeping?

Crazy, right?

The thing is, I had become to accustomed to having the extra arm accessory of the Fitbit since I wore it pretty much every day for a little over a year. So going from having it to not having it was, I’ll be honest, a little weird to get used to. But, at the same time, it was freeing to not track all of my movements. At this point, I know I’m generally a pretty active person. I always choose the route of more movement- whether it’s parking far away, taking the stairs, making extra trips in and out of the house, etc., I usually moved enough to hit my 10K goal on a daily basis, so at this point I don’t technically need the device to make me move more.

Initially I thought I would definitely get another Fitbit once I gave myself a little break without it, however, now I’m not sure I really want or need one. I like going by how I feel rather than what a device is telling me, because no matter how much we think seeing our stats doesn’t effect us, it totally does. If I do end up deciding to get another tracking device- whether it be a Fitbit or something else- I will do it merely out of curiosity of how my movement has changed (if at all) since the last time I wore one regularly.

I’d love to hear from you guys, though. Do you have a Fitbit or some other tracking device that you wear daily? Are you attached to the stats that the device spits out for you? Does it effect your movement throughout the day? What do you like to use it for the most- steps, sleep, workouts, something else? What are you most surprised by when it comes to the trackers stats when you wear it? 

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