Five on Friday {2.26.16}

Happy Friday, friends! Have you had a good week? Mine has been pretty good- nothing really out of the ordinary, which isn’t a bad thing! It was funny- when I saw my mom last weekend she goes “did you do your ‘Five on Friday’ post this week? I love that!”, which was so sweet. I told her that I had nothing special to share with you guys last week so I just saved it for this week. Here we go!

Recycle Studio’s new South End location– I was able to snag a saddle in their second class at their new location earlier this week. Unfortunately about half of the people didn’t show up for the class (that’s what happens when it’s a free class) so I felt bad for the instructor- it’s so much harder to teach a half full class than it is a fully packed class! She did a great job, though- loved getting to check it out!


Straight Up Strength- Even fitness instructors get bored with their own workouts, right? Lucky for me, my girl Lauren over at The Fueled Physique created a workout program so I jumped at the chance to sign up for it. I did one of the lower body exercises on Monday and the upper body one on Tuesday and I was SO SORE from them. If you’re looking for something new to spice up your workouts, I’d suggest signing up for her program (check out her site and shoot her an inquiry!).


Gapfit Line– When I was shopping with my mom and sister last Friday, we popped into Gap Body on a mission for underwear (TMI?) and although I didn’t walk out with any, I did walk out with this amazingly cute top. I can see myself wearing this all the time to and from the gym and even out and about on the weekend. I was lucky I only left with this because as we looked around, I was seriously impressed with their entire athletic line. I definitely plan on going back and getting more stuff.


Boston Housing Market- RM sent me this article the other day and it absolutely baffled me. It’s amazing how much the housing market in Boston has increased over the past couple of years, but I have to agree with the author that it’s interesting- and frustrating- that they are only tailoring to the wealthy with the “luxury condos”. What about the average people who just want a nice, affordable place to live?

Kittens- You guys. I want a kitten SO BADLY! We’ve been talking about getting one for months and months, but just recently I’ve really been itching for one. I’ve called a few shelters but none of them have any so I thought I’d ask you guys- do you know of any shelters with kittens or anyone who has any? We really want a female. Any help would be appreciated!

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend! Ours is pretty low-key- hoping to go out for sushi tonight and then I’m teaching Saturday morning. Other than that there are some other plans up in the air, but I hope to have lots of time to work on my Box Fiit certification! Whatever you have planned I hope you  have a great time!




12 thoughts on “Five on Friday {2.26.16}

  1. Lauren says:

    You need to find a kitten. I need to know where you’ve looked so I’m sure to look in different places!

    Oh! And thanks for the shout out girlfriend 😉

    • Burpees to Bubbly says:

      I know- Roberto just asked me again the other day if I’ve had any luck. I’ve only looked in Maine and Salem- and only online so it might not be up to date. And no problem- Loving having a workout plan!

  2. briana1010 says:

    I adopted a kitten from the Animal Rescue League in Back Bay a few years ago. They actually only listed a few of the kittens for adoption on their website, but had way more when I got there. I think it’s best to just go in person and see what they have. I will say, a lot of places won’t adopt out a kitten to someone without another cat – they tend to do best when they have someone (other than your feet) to chase and play with.

  3. Ashley Parent says:

    We foster kittens for the Mspca in Boston and they often have a lot in the spring! You can go there and play with a few to find one that you like!

  4. Kristen@goodngoodforya says:

    I agree with those who said to go to the animal shelters in person, they usually don’t keep the websites updated. I’m super excited for you because I’m getting a kitten (or 2) this spring too!! I said that’s what I want for Mother’s Day but I don’t know if I’ll wait that long. Once we’re settled in the new house I think I’ll be ready for project kittens!!

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