Wednesday Workout: My Favorite Kickboxing Combos {Take 4}

Good morning! I’m so happy to say that I FINALLY have some more kickboxing combinations for you. The existing kickboxing combination posts on B2B are by far the most popular blog posts to date, which makes me happy because I love being able to share helpful posts for you guys! If you missed those, here they are:

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If you’re new to kickboxing/boxing/punches, I suggest you check out the first post that I linked above since that breaks down each punch for you.

As I was going through my instructor notebook to pick out some good combos to share, I realized that I should probably try doing this more frequently– I have SO many more that I want to share with you! For now, these will have to do:


Jack & Jab, Shuffle & Jab, Center Jabs & Oblique Twist, Sumo Jump Squats

  • Do 1 jumping jack and then 1 right jab to the front. Repeat with the jack and then the jab on the left
  • Shuffle & jab 3 times to the right, clap, then shuffle & jab 3 times to the left
  • Hold center and do 4 alternating jabs followed by 4 oblique twists
  • 2 sumo jump squats

Speed Bag Rt & Lt, Jack Feet & Jab arms, Single-Single-Double Uppercuts Rt & Lt, 4 Hops Up & Back & 4 High Knees

  • Speed bag punches by your right hip for 4 counts then do them by your left hip for 4 counts
  • While you jack your feet in and out you’ll perform 4 alternating jabs to the front
  • Right uppercut, left uppercut, 2 upper cuts on the right, then repeat and do left, right, 2 on the left
  • Bring your guard up and hop forward and back 4 times followed by 4 high knees

Jab, Jab, Jab, Cross, Jab, Cross (x2), 2 Left Knees, 2 Right Cross Jabs, 4 High Knees + Sumo Squat

  • Standing in the orthodox fighters position (left foot forward, right foot back), do a jab, another jab and then do jab, cross, jab cross and repeat that for a total of two times
  • Do 2 left knee repeaters followed by 2 cross body jabs with the right hand
  • End with 4 high knees into a sumo squat

Single, Single, Double Jab Right & Left Lead, 2 Knees on the Right & Left, Burpee + 2 Push-Ups

  • Jab right, left, double right then left, right double left
  • Bring your knees up twice on the right and left
  • Bring yourself down and back into a high plank, do 2 push-ups then jump yourself back up

Cross Body Hi/Lo Jabs X2, 3 Knees + 1 Kick, Speed Bag Arms W/2 Hops Up & Back, Burpee

  • Perform a cross body jab at chest height and waist height (hi & lo) twice (so, jab high, low, high, low) with the left arm
  • Then, do 3 right knees & a kick
  • Bring your arms to chest high while doing the speed bag and do 2 small hops up and back
  • Finish with 1 burpee

And there you go! I hope you find these helpful as you try and do your own at-home kickboxing workout OR if you’re an instructor and need some new combos for your class. As always, please don’t hesitate to ask me if you have ANY questions. While I realize kickboxing is very different than boxing now that I actually teach heavy bag boxing, as long as you understand that these combinations are not meant to teach you how to fight we’re all set 🙂 They are merely a way to give you a great cardio workout, but I do make sure people at least know the basics of the punches so that they don’t injure themselves.

Wednesday Workout: My Favorite Cardio Kickboxing Combos {take 3}

Good morning! I’ve had “kickboxing combos part 3” on my list of blog posts for a really long time, so I’m happy to finally have this post for you today 🙂 I’ve shared some kickboxing combo’s with you before, but in case you’ve missed them, there they are:

My Favorite Cardio Kickboxing Combos {Take 1}
My Favorite Cardio Kickboxing Combo’s {Take 2}

I’ve got 5 more for you today, so let’s get right to it! If you’re not familiar with the basic punches and kicks, be sure to check out the first post linked above as that goes through all of those. If you’re good with those, then skip right ahead to the combos below!

Jog w/speed bag high & low, 2 knees right and left, squat & kick right & left, burpee

  • Jog in place & do 4 counts of speed bags up by your head and then down by your waist
  • 2 right knees & 2 left knees
  • Squat & kick right, squat & kick left
  • Burpee (or keep with the squat & kicks if burpees don’t feel right for you)

4 Jabs & 2 blocks right and left, 2 knees right & left, 4 high knees & 2 jumping jacks

  • 4 fast jabs to the front with your right arm and then 2 blocks with the right arm while doing 2 boxer hops to the right
  • 4 fast jabs to the front with your left arm and then 2 blocks with the left arm while doing 2 boxer hops to the left
  • 2 knees right and left
  • 4 high knees  and 2 jumping jacks

(PS watch my face at the end when the falling frames scared the crap out of me! You’ll see in the next videos that I am no longer phased by it haha}

4 low speed bags to the right, 4 butt kicks, 4 low speed bags to the left, 4 butt kicks, knee & kick right & left, burpee

  • 4 speed bags by the right hip + 4 butt kicks
  • 4 speed bags by the left hip + 4 butt kicks
  • Knee + kick on the right and left
  • 1 Burpee

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