Wednesday Workout: Progression Bootcamp Stations

Hi! Can you believe the weather yesterday? I had to cancel bootcamp because it was so awful in Wakefield and we didn’t want to be caught in another storm. Thankfully I worked out during my lunch break otherwise it would’ve been really hard to get myself to the gym after work! Speaking of my bootcamp, today’s workout is another workout I did with my bootcampers a few weeks ago. Everyone loved it and one person even told me she did it with her roommate last week, so I figured I should probably share it with you, too!

This workout is great because:

  • you don’t need any equipment besides a timer
  • it can be done anywhere
  • it works everything: upper, lower, core, cardio
  • it’s always changing so you won’t get bored

I’ve mentioned before that I don’t really like 60 second intervals of work. I do them, but mostly when we are going right from one thing to the next because I know time will get wasted in the transitions. I prefer 45 seconds of work because I think you get a much more effective blast of work in 45 seconds rather than 60 seconds and you reduce the risk of losing form and slacking off.

For this workout, I call it a progression because every station focuses on one particular move or exercise and you progress up to more intense variations of it. By the 3rd exercise in each station, you’re really feeling the burn- trust me! I’ve shortened the workout for the purposes of this post (I feel like the shorter workouts tend to be more popular than the longer ones on here), but will also let you know what additional stations we did at the end in case you have more time when you try this out.

Progression Bootcamp Workout
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Wednesday Workout: Outdoor Bootcamp Stations Workout

Good morning! As some of you may already know, I started my own bootcamp at my office for coworkers and anyone else who might be in the area on Tuesday nights. What I love about leading my own bootcamp is that there are no rules 😉 I can decide what I want to teach and what equipment I want to use and there’s a bit of a relaxed feeling for me as the instructor since it’s a “fun” thing. Granted, I still want to make good workouts, but I also know I don’t have ample weights and other equipment at my disposal so it forces me to get creative and incorporate more “fun” things that still give a good workout.

Last week I had a request to do stations, which is always a great format for bootcamps because it allows people to work at their own pace and it keeps them moving around by jumping from station to station which helps to keep their mind off the time! We did 10 stations at 60 seconds each and I worked to organize the exercises so that they’d be working their whole body and alternating between strength and cardio. I don’t usually bring equipment for my outdoor bootcamp, but thought some bands, a jump rope and a weight would be a good addition. The verdict? The girls loved the workout and couldn’t believe it went by so fast!

Outdoor bootcamp stations workout
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Wednesday Workout: Outdoor Stations Bootcamp Workout

Hi there! I’ve got a fun workout for you today. If you’ve been reading for a while, you know I starting teaching my own outdoor bootcamp in Wakefield on Tuesday nights. Per usual, I try to mix things up so that we aren’t doing the same thing from week to week. Last week I taught my first stations workout, which is generally a crowd pleaser in my normal group exercise classes. Holding true to that standard, the girls seemed to enjoy the workout and we all agree that the class flew by! It was a fun workout because besides a band and a stability ball, we used everything you’d find in a standard park as our “equipment”.

Here’s what you need: wall or step for jump squats and squats and a bench for step ups and tricep dips. If you don’t have a stability ball, you can do a regular plank and if you don’t have a band, you can do partner lat pulls or superman pulls. Easy enough, right?! I also added in an equipment free cardio blast between rounds.

Outdoor bootcamp workout

Most of the moves are fairly common, but here are a few explanations:

  • Wall squats: perform a regular squat, but go low enough so that your butt touches the wall
  • Reverse lunge & knee twist: lunge back on the right leg and then bring that knee up in front of you and cross your left elbow to your right knee. Repeat on the left after 30 seconds.
  • Sit with your legs extended out straight. Put the band around your flexed feet and pull your arms back, squeezing your elbows towards each other.

If you have any other questions on the moves, please ask! This is a great workout to do with a friend, but can also be done by yourself at your home if you don’t have access to a park.


Have fun 🙂

Questions for you: Have you ever done a “park” workout? What’s your favorite way to workout outside?

Weekly Workouts and a WFH Workout

Can you believe another week has already passed? Luckily, since most of my coworkers are in San Diego for a conference, I have the luxury of WFH (working from home) for a good part of the week.  And, to make this week even better, we have Friday off!! I do have to teach at night and on Saturday, so I can’t head up to Maine as early as I’d like, but still… having a week day totally “off” from my real job is awesome.

How did all of you do with your workouts last week? Here’s how I did:

  • Monday- 4.5 Mile Treadmill Run & taught Dynamax
  • Tuesday- “Mommy’s Moves” filming with Jess and walked about 2.5 miles for my commute
  • Wednesday- 22 minutes on the elliptical and then taught this workout.
  • Thursday- did some upper body strength training (drop sets) and then taught Cardio Kickboxing
  • Friday- ran 2 miles on the treadmill before teaching another stations workout. I didn’t do the same moves as I did in the workout I linked, but I’ll post what we did soon!
  • Saturday- Cleaned the apartment (sweeping and vacuuming is hard when you have multiple floors!) and then went to a Barre class at C2 Pilates (that post will be up soon!)
  • Sunday- Went for a long walk, which was JUST what I needed.



Workouts for this week:

  • Monday (today)- I have extra free time today since I am not commuting to and from work, so I am doing my “WFH” Workout:

WFH workoutAnd I’ll do some cardio and maybe some weights before I teach Dynamax.

  • Tuesday-Jess and I have to film again since the first video was blurry:(
  • Wednesday- Cardio & teaching UXF Burn
  • Thursday- NEW schedule for Thursdays: Teaching TBC at 5:30 at Central Square which is immediately followed by teaching my kickboxing class… a great double session (Athena it’s kind of like your Tuesday Two-A-Day at the Y! I hope I can get a good following like you and Liz!)
  • Friday- Since I have the day off, I am going to try to get to a class at one of the BSC’s. I’m teaching UXF Burn at 5:30 in Allston (I am not supposed to do these workouts, so don’t worry- I’m not doing back-to-back two-a-days!)
  • Saturday- Teaching Cardio Kickboxing at the YMCA!!
  • Sunday- Probably a walk with mom after Easter Brunch!

Questions for you: What do your workouts look like this week? Do you get to have Friday off for Good Friday?

60 Seconds Stations Workout

Hi, hi, hi!

While I am in NYC for work, I wanted to share a workout that I have been loving lately.  It’s tough, but what I love is that there is no chance to get bored and it can be modified very easily.  Not to mention, it is totally doable at home! I note that we used a bench for the cardio and weighted bars for the strength, but if you are at home and don’t have a step and only have dumbbells, that is totally fine!

Stations workout


Instead of resting in between each set (note: the “sets” are the rows in the table above), I had my members do 25 pushups.  Nothing like doing 100 pushups as an “active” rest;)

If you prefer to pick one set and repeat it 4 times (instead of doing the different sets), that is a sure way to exhaust your muscles and “feel the burn” (yeah, I just said that… ).

If you need modifications, let me know. Also, if you try this, let me know what your “choice” exercises were for each station… I love seeing how creative people get:)

Now, go get your workout on and have a great day!