60 Seconds Stations Workout

Hi, hi, hi!

While I am in NYC for work, I wanted to share a workout that I have been loving lately.  It’s tough, but what I love is that there is no chance to get bored and it can be modified very easily.  Not to mention, it is totally doable at home! I note that we used a bench for the cardio and weighted bars for the strength, but if you are at home and don’t have a step and only have dumbbells, that is totally fine!

Stations workout


Instead of resting in between each set (note: the “sets” are the rows in the table above), I had my members do 25 pushups.  Nothing like doing 100 pushups as an “active” rest;)

If you prefer to pick one set and repeat it 4 times (instead of doing the different sets), that is a sure way to exhaust your muscles and “feel the burn” (yeah, I just said that… ).

If you need modifications, let me know. Also, if you try this, let me know what your “choice” exercises were for each station… I love seeing how creative people get:)

Now, go get your workout on and have a great day!


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