Boy am I happy for Friday!  This whole week I was a day ahead, always thinking I was a day closer to the weekend than I actually was. The worst, right?! Not that I was really trying to rush along the week…I have my kickboxing certification from 9am-6pm tomorrow (REALLY not my ideal Saturday) and I am feeling nervous about that! I was tossing and turning all night thinking of the combinations they want us to know and how to cue punches and kicks (I call this Fitness Instructor Problems… any other fitness instructors have issues like this?!). Needless to say, I am a little sleepy today!

Let’s see… what have I been up to since I last checked in?  Ohhh, yesterday my coworker and I treated ourselves to lunch at Sportello for their “Lunch Box” lunch.

001I swear, this is the best lunch deal in Boston! You get either a full sando or a 1/2 sando and small soup, homemade chips or popcorn, a drink and a cookie…. all for $11!!! Incredible, really.  Since I was asked to sub the Total Body Conditioning class before teaching my regular Kickboxing class, I decided to get the full sandwich. I went with the Turkey instead of the veggie for extra protein… best decision ever! It was roasted turkey, cheddar, red onions, greens and some amazingly delicious ranch sauce. Toasted. YUMMM.


I grabbed a seltzer water from the vending machine and was pleasantly surprised with this new flavor

003Anyone try this yet? I highly suggest it for my fellow seltzer water lovers out there!

And, to top of lunch, I got us one of these bad boys to share:


That, my friends, is a Maple Pancake Cupcake.  I don’t like bacon (I know, I am the crazy one), but the cupcake was just as delicious without it. WOW. (We may have done extra jumping jacks in class because of this treat!)

I wish every lunch could be as good as yesterday! Other than that, my day wasn’t too exciting. I did have a blast teaching TBC. We did 60 second stations (5 rows with a difference exercise in each row, 4 different rounds) and I think everyone liked it… I’ll be sure to post that workout soon:)

I’m teaching tonight and then will be at the South Station BSC tomorrow for far longer than I would like to be. Hoping the day goes well- these types of things stress me out so much!!

Questions for you: Have any good lunches this week? Bacon- love it or hate it? What’s on the agenda for the weekend?

11 thoughts on “TGIF!

  1. Agnes says:

    Hey Monique! I gotta say the sportello lunch box sounds like a sweet deal, but one of my favs that I’ve been trying to stay away from is Andre’s chicken and beef shawarma. If you haven’t had shawarma, it’s a middle eastern roll-up with beef (and chicken if you want), tahini sauce, pickled turnips, lettuce, tomatoes, and onions in a huge pita- hits the spot when I’m craving proteins! This weekend is my bday so will have to resist some of the sugary alcoholic beverages and limit desserts (or just work out like a mad woman while hungover). Bacon, I used to be not such a big fan, but definitely love it now – try Flour’s BLT it might change how you feel. See you at BSC!

    ❤ Agnes

    • Burpees to Bubbly says:

      That sounds amazing!! And, happy birthday!!!! You worked incredibly hard tonight so treat yourself to some cocktails- just try to stick to wine or vodka and club soda- cuts out loads of calories! And you have to have some cake:) a workout cures a hangover!

  2. Meredith says:

    why didn’t I ever know about that lunch when I worked in the seaport?! Sounds and looks amazing. Hope your kickboxing cert. went well (i’m sure it did!!) xo

  3. Dana says:

    I need to check out Sportello! Thanks for the heads up on your last minute sub for TBC-I LOVED the format of that workout. I had so much fun taking both classes, and I know that you probably kicked ass yesterday at the exam! If I have any more Thursday nights off, you know where I’ll be at 6:30!

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