Happy Spring!

Hi there- Happy Friday! And Happy Spring, even though in New England it doesn’t quite feel like spring. How has your week been? I’ve had a really good week; lots of great and exciting happenings at work- both my real job and my fitness job. So, let’s catch up, shall we?

After work on Tuesday, my friend Jess came to my office and we used the gym to create some videos that we are going to launch soon.  More on that later!

003I mean, is this not a super professional setup?!

Lunches this week were pretty standard: my “go to” healthy lunch for the first part of the week

002And then for our Thursday lunch out meal, we went to Sportello for their amazing Lunch Box special. Yesterday I chose to do the 1/2 and 1/2 soup and sando combo.

002Unfortunately, their Spicy Tomato Soup was not very good this time, so I didn’t much of that, but the sandwich was delicious! I saved the cookie for later because we got this to share for dessert:

003 004

I die. I mean, look at that thing! It’s a whoopie pie with an oreo filling… I am usually pretty good with stopping at a few bites, but I’ll tell ya, it took some serious self-restraint to stop there and not just eat the entire half! Good thing we worked REALLY hard in kickboxing last night! The floor was slippery from all the sweat. Love it.

Speaking of workouts, how did everyone do this week?  My workouts were very good! As I said on Tuesday, Monday was a great run, Tuesday was filming some workout videos and clips and on Wednesday I did an easy 20 minutes on the elliptical before teaching this:

beat boredomSince we had a fairly large group of people, and the studio at Central Square is much smaller than the studio at Allston, we did the workout just as it’s laid out here. Let me tell you, “Part 2” is really intense! I had us do 2 push ups after the 2nd 30 second cardio burst and then move right to the next cardio exercise with no rest. Working hard and sweating is a beautiful thing:)

Fitness news: As of next week, I will be teaching the 5:30 TBC class at Central Square right before my 6:30 Kickboxing class.  As of April 12th, I will no longer be teaching my UXF Burn at Allston.  I feel awful about dropping that class, but it just makes more sense for me to bang out 2 classes on the same day in the same location and, in turn, free up my Friday nights! Hope my Allston group understands:)

Switching gears…

So these two things really have nothing to do with health or fitness or wine, BUT, they so funny I can’t not share.  Lately, our dad has been sending frequent emails.  The best part of the emails, is that he uses really big font so it looks like he writes more than he actually does. Typing with just one finger, apparently it cramps up very easily. #dadproblems.

email from dadWe got this first… anyone who knows the Gagnon’s knows that if the Seal-A-Meal dies, it’s a BIG crisis. Thankfully, not long after, we got an email that made us sigh a breath of relief.

001What cracks me up about this the most, is that my dad is totally tooling on my blogging! Good thing I know he actually loves it (the gig is up, dad, mom told me!).

The other funny thing is a site that all of you need to go to right now. The other night, my sister was DYING laughing as she read through the texts on this site. I opened it up yesterday at work and had to close it immediately because I could not suppress the laughs (and, trust me, unclaimed property is really not that funny!). If you need a good laugh today, PLEASE do yourself a favor and check out that site.

Phew! And here we are, Friday morning. I hope you all have a wonderful day!

Questions for you: Do you get funny emails or texts from your parents? Big plans for the weekend?

ps. I want to send a BIG congratulations to my friend Kim for her recent engagement!! I couldn’t be happier for you and Jim:)

4.5 Mile Treadmill Run (or walk!)

Remember how I said I ran 4.5 miles on Monday? I thought it might be fun if I shared with you what that run looked like.  I know if I am looking for a way to make a treadmill run seem less… how shall I say it… dreadful? boring? Lame? However you describe it, having a set plan for running when you go into the gym and switching up your speeds along the way really helps to make the time go by faster (and, watching re-runs of Seinfeld doesn’t hurt, either!).

treadmill run

(ok, so how cute are the chickadee pics?! Picmonkey has the cutest Easter themes!)

Obviously these speeds fit for me on this day, but if you need to bump them up or down depending on what your level is for any certain day (maybe you just feel like walking!), please do so… this is just a guide! Let me know if you try it.

Questions for you: Treadmill running- love it or hate it? Do you like having a plan when you go to the gym for a cardio sesh?

Weekly Workouts & A Workout

Well, I guess winter wasn’t ready to leave us quite yet!  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the snow, but I do not like the city of Somerville when they announce a parking ban at 10pm… nothing like waking up and walking out to “check on” my car and seeing that stupid orange envelope sticking out of the door:( $100 later, I am not a happy person! I think I am actually going to contest it… I was in bed at 10pm last night so I had no way of knowing that the parking ban went into effect at 10pm… thoughts?

Weekly Workouts (a day late!)

  • Monday- Ran 4.5 miles (!!) on the treadmill before teaching Dynamax at the YMCA
  • Tuesday- Rest Day- I’ll walk about 3 miles due to city commuting and my friend Jess and I have a date tonight to do some filming for a fun partnership we are about to launch- be on the lookout for it!
  • Wednesday- Cardio before teaching UXF Burn at the Central Square BSC (6:30pm)
  • Thursday- Cardio Kickboxing at the Central Square BSC (6:30pm)- might be subbing the TBC class at 5:30 right before my kickboxing class, but if I don’t do that, I’ll lift a little.
  • Friday- Cardio before teaching UXF Burn at the Allston BSC
  • Saturday- Maybe some cardio before going to a blogging event/class at C2 Pilates in South Boston. Really looking forward to this!!
  • Sunday- Active rest- likely cleaning the apartment!






And now for the workout I promised!

beat boredomCouple of Notes:

I taught this class in a format where we worked in 2 groups on 2 separate sides of the room for the entire workout. For part 1, group A set up a set and 2 sets of weights on the left side of the room and group B set up mats on the right side of the room. Group A started with 60 seconds of side tap downs over the bench while group B was doing a walk-out plank. At the end of 60 seconds, the groups sprinted to the other side of the room to perform the move the previous group had done. This was how all of part 1 went moving from exercise #1 to #5, and then repeating that 3 times. It’s great because in Allston, the classes are taught on a basket ball court, which means LOTS of distance to run:) muahahaha

For Part 2, I had group A start on the left and group B start on the right, but this time there was no equipment and they lined up along the walls.  Group A started and the did high knees to mid-court, dropped and gave me 1 push up burpee then finished high knees across the floor until they got to group B. Once they got there, Group B did the same thing back, but when they got to mid-court for their push up burpee, I had group A leave and start their butt kicks.  Since some of you may do this workout on your own, I changed it up and gave you timed intervals, but if you plan on teaching this, I would definitely use the “move across the floor” method- it’s a great way to change-up the normal format of a class!

Part 3 was performed in the same way- Group A started with 60 seconds of weighted squats on the left side of the room while group B did a 60 second wall sit. When the minute was up, the groups sprinted to the other side of the room to do that exercise. The sprints across the floor were awesome to incorporate some HIIT aspect into the workout. We were all huffing and puffing by the end!

Let me know if you have questions- I had a blast teaching this and plan to do it again with another group:)

Questions for you: What do your workouts look like this week? Snow- happy about it or detest it?

Monday, already?

Hey everyone! Who else feels like the weekend went by way too quickly? Or, maybe some of you are still enjoying your weekend as you may have taken today off (judging by the lack of cars on the road this morning, I think this could be the case for many!). Lucky for me, I followed my tips and kept myself in control yesterday and I’ll tell ya, it was a great feeling going to bed sober and feeling like a normal Sunday night!

Although my sister and I did get a bit of a late start, we did make it over to Southie yesterday to partake in the St. Patrick’s Day festivities.



Adult bevvies & hydration



(Keeping it classy… )

Since we were so late, the closest we could get was near the Broadway T stop, which was fine- we didn’t mind walking! If nothing else, it was some spectacular people watching. If you head on over to Tina’s Blog, you can see lots of pictures of the parade (I was bad and didn’t take any). Here’s what I did capture for the day



013Overall, I had a great day, but next year I would like to have better plans and definitely get there earlier. I’d also like to have the temperature about 20* warmer than it was, but I’m not sure I can do much about that:)

I’ve got a great workout for you, but I’ll save that for another day;)

Questions for you: Anyone else head to Southie for the parade? Extended weekend? What are your workouts this week? I’ll share mine with you tomorrow!

“Sunday” Things on a Saturday (Including a recipe!)

Since I plan on participating in St. Patrick’s Day fun tomorrow (for anyone who knows me, day drinking on a Sunday is pretty much the biggest rarity around!), I wanted to make sure I had my “Sunday” things out of the way today.

This morning was my first weekend to teach Cardio Kickboxing at the Oak Square YMCA and boy was it fun! I had 39 people in class and it was awesome because the vast majority of the class was already super familiar with kickboxing. I think my format/style was a little new to them, but when we finished class and started to stretch, I asked what they thought and they gave me a round of applause. I don’t generally blush or get embarrassed, but that was the best thing they could have done and I totally blushed!

FB post

Ashley was right… it was one heck of a sweaty class today. I went in with straight hair and left with curly hair. The mirror in front of me was speckled with sweat. You get the idea…

Post workout and shower (definitely necessary), my friend Jess and I met up at Flour for a business lunch. We have some fun plans in the works for Lovage and Burpees To Bubbly, so be on the lookout in the near future (especially to all the new moms who are reading!). I was a bad blogger and didn’t take pictures of us or our lunch, but I did take a picture of my post lunch treat

005Yup. You’re seeing that correctly. I LOVE the Shamrock Shakes at Mc Donalds. Granted, I only had a few bites/sips of this before I was all set with the minty flavor, but what I did have was delicious!

My sister and I spent the rest of the day running some errands and grocery shopping… woohoo for a super exciting Saturday afternoon (nothing like the type of fun our mom is having. She is currently out dancing in North Conway and we are home watching a movie. I can only hope to be as cool as she is when I grow up!).

My sister has recently introduced me to a fantastic blog, especially if you are really into cooking. Iowa Girl Eats– any of you heard of it? Apparently she posts recipes literally every day! I am so impressed.

Anyway, we were looking through her Spring-Ready Recipes prior to grocery shopping so we could figure out what we wanted to cook. I was pretty much drooling as I read through the recipes she had listed. EVERYTHING looked and sounded amazing, but as soon as I saw her recipe for BBQ Chicken Quinoa, I knew that’s what I was in the mood for eating.

I followed her recipe pretty much to a T, but I did 1/2 the recipe since my sister was making her Buffalo Chicken Quinoa Casserole and I knew I’d want to try some of that, so head on over to her blog for the recipe. Her photo’s are way better than mine, but here are some to keep you entertained for now 😉


(You can’t beat these rotisserie chickens at Market Basket!)

 007After shredding the chicken, add BBQ sauce and mix together.

008The grocery store didn’t have any corn on the cob, but the canned corn ended up working out juuuust fine.

009Mix together Plain Greek Yogurt and BBQ sauce- this mixture was delicious, btw.

012Place some quinoa on a plate, add some corn and black beans, chicken & BBQ sauce mixture and the BBQ sauce and Greek Yogurt sauce. The flavors in this were on spot! I think next time I would add some type of green veggie, but other than that, I wouldn’t change anything. Definitely a very quick and easy meal to throw together… I can’t wait to use these ingredients in left over’s all week!

Questions for you: Do you do “Sunday” things? What’s your favorite recipe blog or website? I’m always looking for new ones!