Cardio, Strength & Core Circuits… Wednesday Workout Time!

Happy hump day, Burpees to Bubbly readers! How is your week going so far? Mine started off a bit rocky, and for no real reason, either. Monday just kind of sucked! Traffic, bad drivers, low class numbers, post-weekend depression. Anyone else ever feel like that on a Monday?

Anyway, I thought you might be in the need for a new workout today to spice up your weekely workouts. Yes? No? Maybe you can at least take a couple of moves or the general theme of the workout and put your own moves in to make the workout more fit for your level. Regardless, I’m going to share it with you:)

Cardio, strength & core circuitsI did this workout in a couple of different classes over the past couple of weeks and it was killer! In class, for circuit 2, we used the bench for cardio, so I changed up the moves in the above workout to be doable without a bench.


Squat & OH Press

019 021

Dokey Kicks- they love to hate me when I make them do these:)

As the notes say, you can do just circuit 1, just circuit 2, circuit 1 followed by circuit 2, OR do 2 rounds of each. Whatever you do, make sure you don’t forget the “meat” part of the circuit sandwich: burpees and push-ups!! My favorite;)

If you have any other questions on the moves/exercises and how to modify (whether that would be making it more challenging or less challenging), please let me know… I am more than happy to help!

Questions for you: What is the move you love to hate the most?! (burpees, for me… but I really don’t hate them at all!) What is your all time favorite exercise? All time LEAST favorite exercise?

Hope you have a wonderful day!


5 thoughts on “Cardio, Strength & Core Circuits… Wednesday Workout Time!

  1. Athena @ Fitness & Feta says:

    Thank you for this “template” – I used it for my class yesterday morning! I switched up some things so mine ended up looking like:

    -Side lunge + bicep curl
    -Plie squat hold + triceps press
    -Bench popovers
    -Wide leg deadlift + reverse flies
    -In and outs

    -Squat + overhead press
    -Bench toe taps
    -Weighted bridge with elevated feet
    -Crab walk

    In between we did 10 burpees + 10 pushups + 1 minute elbow plank


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