Fitness Instructor Pet Peeves

Hey friends! Happy Friday! How about this crazy hot weather, right?! I don’t understand how it goes from 50’s to 90’s overnight. Something just doesn’t seem right about that. I am going to Tia’s on the water for drinks after work and I can’t wait! Perfect way to spend a hot, Friday afternoon 🙂

Yesterday was not a very good day at work. My work computer got a MASSIVE virus and IT said that it killed everything on my computer and could not be removed and/or fixed. Fantastic. So, from 9am to 1pm, I was dealing with computer sh*t (sorry, but that’s how frustrating it was!). With my job, I literally cannot do anything without a computer, so, what did I do to pass the time, you might ask? Well, I came up with some blog post topics… duh 😉

Since I teach a fair amount of classes each week (6 this week, to be exact), I see loads and loads of interesting things while I am there! Some make me laugh, some drive me cray-cray, but I thought it would be fun to share them with you today. Anyone else who spends any time at the gym can surely agree with me!

Fitness Instructor Pet Peeves

  1. People who come in late and make a big scene getting their equipment and finding a spot. I understand PT delays or traffic (we have all been there!), but please try your best to sneak in quietly, grab your stuff quickly, and get to work. I get in a “groove” while teaching, so when I have to stop and help someone set up while also trying to keep the class going, it’s super hard.
  2. Just because I am a female instructor and the class is 95% females, doesn’t mean it’s an “easy” class and won’t be a kick butt workout for guys, too. Trust me, it will, and if you don’t believe me, I dare you to come to a class!
  3. Don’t come to class in just a sports bra. Actually, don’t go to the gym in just a sports bra. Working out in your home by yourself? Go for it. But at the gym? Please be courteous (even if you have a rocking hot bod) and wear a shirt. I’ve witnessed a “nip slip” in my class and I’d love it if that never happened again!
  4. When people come in each week and lift the same weights, expecting to see a change. Change happens when you do something different. Get out of your comfort zone and listen to me when I say “go heavy”.
  5. When people roll their eyes at me when I throw in crazy/weird things into class.  Please humor me and at least TRY to do what I am instructing (jump squats with weights, full burpees, crab walks, etc.). I understand injuries and other limitations that inhibit you from doing some of what I teach, but I know there are “fakers”, who just don’t WANT to do what I’m instructing because it’s hard 😉 I’m onto you!
  6. People who come in and talk to their friend the whole class. Class is 1 hour out of your day and it’s so distracting to me and the other members when you’re having a full on conversation with your friend, so save it for before or after class.
  7. When people are not mindful of their space, my space, and their neighbors space. No one wants you up in their space!
  8. Speaking of space, don’t “share” equipment like steps/benches. Get your own!
  9. When members give me the evil eye when I tell them that they only need a mat and weights. You don’t need every piece of equipment in the room to make it a “good” workout, so put your barbell, body bar, 4 sets of weights and step away. K? Thanks!
  10. Smelly people. Please be courteous of everyone else in the room (which tends to get hot when we are all working hard) and wear deodorant. ’nuff said.

Anyone else feel the same way about any of these?! Any that I missed? What is your BIGGEST pet peeve when you’re at the gym?


We just got news that our best friend, Sara, is on her way to the hospital to hopefully have her baby soon! If she has it today, my sister and I will head up to Maine after I teach tomorrow!!!!