Wednesday Workout: 10 Stations Circuit

Well hello! Greetings from Atlanta! It’s so much hotter here than it is back home- yeesh! I’m not complaining, I just wish I could sunbathe poolside with a cute cabana boy bringing me cocktails and treats all day. What? Don’t tell me that doesn’t sound lovely!

Anyway, since I won’t be around to teach tonight, I wanted to share a fun workout that I taught last week in SHRED. I was feeling Monday’s BodyPump & Wednesday’s 3 mile run and UXF Burn workouts, so I wanted to teach something where I could instruct and demo, rather than actually DO all of the workout with the class. This ended up being perfect because I could jump in at the stations I liked and needed that day (core ones, in particular) and avoid the ones for which I was sore or the high cardio ones since I was teaching Kickboxing after.

10 stations circuit

When teaching circuits, I always like to throw in a little HIIT action in between each round to get everyone’s heart rates up and get them pumped for the next round. These are most of my favorite exercises (at the moment- I seem to get new favorites every couple of weeks), so I thought it was a pretty fun workout! If you have any questions, obviously let me know! This can totally be done at home, too. You can do a plank hold on the ground if you don’t have a stability ball and you can do biceps curls balancing on one leg (which still works your core like balancing on a BOSU does) and normal jump squats.

In other workout news, I had a really awesome workout on Monday at the Wellington BSC after work. As I have mentioned, I’ve been really into lifting heavier when I can and since I ran 5 miles on Sunday, I decided to make Monday a light cardio day and focus on heavier lifting. I warmed up with 15 minutes on the elliptical and then did the following, which you’ve seen many times on the blog!

  • 5 stair runs (up and down=1, so repeat 5 times)
  • 25 reps of lower body exercises: squats, lunges (each leg), dead lifts, plié squats. I did 50lbs here, which is about as much as I can do unless I am using a machine and don’t have to lift the weight over my head to get the bar in place!
  • 5 stair runs
  • 25 reps of upper body exercises: isolation curls (25 each arm) while sitting on a BOSU, 1 armed triceps extensions while balancing on 1 leg (25 each side), front & side lat raises (on each side) and reverse flys. (I couldn’t find the weights I needed, so I did 12.5lbs for everything except the lat raises- I used 8lbs as I am still babying my shoulder
  • 5 stair runs
  • 25 core exercises: BOSU plank tilts, weighted side dips balancing on BOSU, Russian Twists, straight armed plank with leg lifts
  • 5 stair runs
  • 25 squat & chest press, 25 curtsy lunges with OH press, 30 second side plank each side, 1 minute plank to finish it off

Fun workout and I was SO sweaty, mostly from lifting!




(yes, I am that weird/crazy girl taking pics of myself at the gym!)

Questions for you: What are you currently loving at the gym? Do you like stations workouts?