Tips to Stay Healthy While on the Road

Happy Friday!! The rain makes it SO much harder to get up, right?? Since I traveled this week and will be heading to NYC for the day next week, I thought it might be helpful for me to share some of my tips for saying healthy while on the road. I know it’s good to let yourself indulge a little more when traveling (I mean, even if I travel for work, I still feel like I am on “vaca mode” any time I am staying in a hotel… anyone else feel like that?), but it’s also good to be mindful about things that you can still do to keep some normalcy in your life.

Pack Healthy Snacks

I am a big snacker, no surprise there, but I find that snacking on healthy things like almonds, granola bars, apples, etc. help me not stuff my face when we finally get to a restaurant to eat. It’s no surprise that work trips are often accompanied by long days and a totally different eating schedule than you may be used to, so it’s important to keep your body from getting to the starvation point that when you get to a restaurant, you order an app, a big meal and maybe even dinner. Arriving to the restaurant ready to eat vs. starving will help you think about what might be a better item to order.


Choose healthy airport and restaurant meals

If you look around, even though airports are still filled with fast food and “not so healthy” dining options, they have gotten so much better! I was stoked to see a Fresh City not too far from my terminal. I got a burrito bowl (would’ve been healthier with no cheese, but I forgot… and I like cheese) and felt great after eating it! For lunches while at a client site (if we have the option to choose), I always get a salad with chicken on it and for dinners I usually try to order fish or something else that is light.



Walk, take the stairs, get up and move as much as you can

I realized that while at Logan the other day, people tend to be lazy! They take the escalators, stand on the moving sidewalks, etc. etc. I checked my bag so I was able to walk the stairs and walk to the different terminals. By the time I got to my gate, I felt like I had had my second workout of the day! My manager said that when he travels early and can’t workout before he leaves the house, he feels like he’s gotten something in after he’s done the walk from his car, to the airport, to his gate, rather than taking shuttles and escalators.


Pick one day or night to “splurge”

I know it’s hard to be the one who is being “lame” by not drinking as much as the others every night, but for me, I won’t be able to survive if I do that. I like to pick one night where I am going to drink and have fun with the crew, and the other night I will take it easy and head back a little early. Even though it might be hard to leave that night, the next morning I never regret that decision, especially when I see everyone else struggling 😉 However, it’s fun to let loose and it’s so much easier when you’re traveling on the company’s dime!



Drink Mindfully

It may be tempting to drink fruity fun cocktails and margarita’s, but they are loaded with calories- in my mind, it’s stupid to drink those types of calories in excess, so have one and then switch to something lighter like wine or vodka and club soda. Also, it may be easier to drink beer, but if you’re drinking multiple, multiple beers, they will make you feel super bloated and they’ll rack up the calories! I also try to drink water between each drink- I know that can be hard to keep up, but if you hydrate really well during the day and try to drink water throughout the night, you’re chances of a headache hangover are severely lessened.

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Work out!

Duh. You knew this one was coming! Even if it’s just twenty minutes, you will feel so much better and ready for a long day if you do it. It can be hard to wake up and squeeze something in, but I’ve done loads of hotel room workouts that only last 20 minutes, yet leave me sweaty and energized. I have also organized group boot camps when I’ve traveled with my entire group. People often WANT to workout, they just don’t think they have time. That’s where I come in- there is always time to workout, you just have to MAKE the time. Skip out on the first round of cocktails and meet up just a little bit later. You won’t have missed anything, trust me. And people will often be jealous that you got a workout in! And, if you plan a group run or boot camp, everyone who goes to it will be so thankful; these things serve as a good reminder that you can and should fit fitness in where you can.


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And, when all else fails, initiate a push-up contest in the bar!


It’s all about having fun, right?!  It helps that coworkers know that I am healthy and into fitness (they know my teaching schedule), so they all know that I will be working out throughout the trips. My manager even told me about the gyms near the hotel I was staying at in Atlanta since he knew I’d want to go to one (I didn’t end up going to one, I just ran and used the hotel’s gym, but still- it was a nice gesture!).

I know I probably missed a bunch of good tips, so help me out! What is something you always do to make sure you stay healthy while on the road? Or, do you use trips as an excuse to let loose and take some time off from your normal healthy lifestyle?

I hope you have a great day! I have loads of work to do today and then will be heading up to NH to see my friend’s new house and go to her Pampered Chef party. Tomorrow I am seeing an apartment at 9am, teaching at 10am (please come!!) and then heading north to visit my friends and their new babies and spend Sunday with Papa bear! Be well and stay dry, friends! 🙂