What’s In My Gym Bag

I always like to know more about bloggers, so when they post “day in the life” and “what’s in my bag” posts, I have a blast seeing a little more into their lives outside of blogging (yes, that sounds a little creepy, doesn’t it? I swear, I’m not a creeper!). When Gina posted a “What’s in the [quart-sized] bag post last week, I thought it would be fun to share what’s in my bag… gym bag, that is.


I was on a hunt for the “perfect” gym bag for a long time, and back in July, I finally found it over at Lululemon. This bag is perfect because it can hold a LOT of stuff, and even when it holds a lot of stuff, the straps don’t hurt your shoulder.

Let’s see what’s in it, shall we? There are 2 pocket on the outside, which is where I like to keep my deodorant and weight lifting gloves and headbands. These are things I like to have easily accessible.


Workout Class Notes

Notes and workouts for the various classes I teach: UXF Burn SHRED and Kickboxing. I like to keep my workouts organized so I can see what I’ve taught recently so as to make sure I keep things interesting and don’t repeat moves/formats too often.



I use CD’s so that I can change the pitch according to what I’m teaching. For UXF Burn and Shred I put the music on in the background at 138-142 BPM (I buy my CD’s at a certain pitch so that everything flows well for kickboxing) and for Kickboxing I teach at 150 BPM.


Batteries & Tune Belt

We are not provided with batteries for the mic at the BSC, so I always have extras (2 types because not all mics take the same type). The tune belt holds the mic pack which enables me to be able to jump around and not worry about the mic pack falling off or pulling my pants down (no one needs to see that).


Random Items and Feminine Hygiene Products

I always keep a pen in my bag so that I can make amends to my workouts as necessary before class, or completely make up a workout before class if I’m running late and haven’t had a chance to do it beforehand. I also keep gum, tampons (TMI?), elastics, perfume and facial cleansing wipes. I can’t teach or workout without gum (I get super dry mouth when I workout without gum- anyone else?) and I like having facial cleansing wipes for those times I need to run errands after class and don’t have time to shower 😉


So, there you have it! I put an extra top in there, too, to change into after teaching so that I don’t freeze in my sweaty gear on the way home from the gym on the T. Having my gym bag organized ensures that I won’t forget things from day to day, especially when it’s a teaching day!

Questions for you:What’s in your gym bag? Is there a “must have” that you never leave home without?

I hope you all have a great weekend! I’ve got lots of fun things planned, including a sushi dinner tonight and a harvest party in NH tomorrow night. Leaving on Sunday for another work trip is not so fun, though 😦

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