Ultimate Boot Camp: Trick or Treat Workout

Hey there! My friends over at Ultimate Boot Camp contacted me to let me know about a really fun Trick or Treat workout they are hosting on Saturday, October 26th. I am teaching my kickboxing class that day, otherwise I would TOTALLY be there. I mean, look at these costumes!

trick or treat photo 1

I’m pretty sure I just found my costume for Halloween: Burpee Babe. I cannot tell you how much I’m in love with that!

The workout is a super-sized 75 minute boot camp, and if it’s anything like the one I went to a few weeks ago with Athena, you’re going to be in for a real treat- literally, they are giving out treats to winners of various challenges throughout the workout. If that’s not enticing, I don’t know what is! I work out for bubbly and treats. Simple as that.

trick or treat photo 2

Not only do you have a chance to win prizes for winning challenges, you can also win prizes for having an awesome costume. I hope the Burpee Babe won.

trick or treat photo 3

Here’s some additional information they sent me and a link to sign up if you’re interested! 

Ultimate Bootcamp Trick or Treat Workout

 Date:               Saturday, 10/26 at 9 a.m.

Location:        Arsenal Park, Watertown, MA

Info:                http://ultimatebootcamp.com/#halloween

Cost:                $25.00; advance registration required.

 Description:    Join Ultimate Bootcamp’s “Trick or Treat” workout and burn calories while winning some great prizes. Join us for one of Ultimate Bootcamp’s dynamic, fat-torching workouts with “trick or treats” thrown in! Our trainers will be running fitness challenge “tricks” throughout the one-hour workout and will be providing great “treats” like gift cards, swag, and more to the winners.

Think you can work out in costume? Wear your best workout-friendly get-up or Halloween-themed workout gear! We’ll be awarding a prize for the best outfit!

Questions for you: What’s the best Halloween costume you’ve ever had? What’s your favorite candy?

One year I was a “Walk of Shame” that was my favorite costume. My favorite candy would be Starbursts or Skittles.