Fruit & Yogurt “Sliders”- An easy and healthy party treat!

Happy Friday, everyone!! Thanks to everyone who’s entered the PJ’s Unique Peek Boutique: Bag Giveaway! I’m so jealous- I totally want that bag! You have until Sunday, so if you haven’t entered, there’s still time.

As I mentioned yesterday, last Friday I attended a gym friends party. I’m always worried about what to bring because I want it to be creative, healthy and something that everyone will like. I ended up whipping up this little treat in no time at all, and I think people liked it!

What’s great, is that it’s super easy to put together- and the combinations are seemingly endless!

fruit and yogurt sliders



  • Cinnamon Pita Chips
  • 1 5oz. container of Greek yogurt (any flavor! I used Raspberry)
  • 1 cup (approximately- I didn’t measure) mixed fruit- can be fresh or frozen
  • Coconut sugar


1. Pick out the biggest, flattest pita chips from the bag and place them on a cookie sheet.


2. Top each pita chip with a spoonful of yogurt.


3. Place your fruit in a food processor and pulse so that it’s chopped into little pieces. You can also just use a knife if that’s easier!


4. Top the yogurt with a spoonful of mixed berries.


5. Sprinkle some coconut sugar on the top. If you’re not serving immediately, keep these refrigerated.


The pita chips ended up getting a little soft from sitting out with the yogurt on them, but I think I liked that because it made it seem more like a cookie or pie crust consistency. As you can see, you can play around with the berries and yogurt flavors based on your cravings or what you have on hand! I think this is a great spring/summer appetizer or dessert to bring to parties, don’t you?


Questions for you: What’s your favorite type of slider? What’s your “go-to” party treat?


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