This Week: Workouts, Weekend Recap & Things I’m Looking Forward To (including trying a new class & a free weekend!)

Phew! Another weekend has come and gone. April is flying by so quickly it’s like Mother Nature cannot keep up… at least that’s what I’m pinning as the cause for this crap cold weather! I’m just over it. That’s all.

I headed up to Maine on Friday afternoon since I was modeling in a fashion show for my mom’s friend on Saturday afternoon. I got to wear 3 amazing outfits from PJ’s Unique Peek… my mom said she’d buy me a few pieces of what I modeled- can’t wait to get them!


After the show, I headed back to Boston to hang with the guy. I made us gluten free pizza (and half dairy free), enjoyed some wine and watched 2 movies (who am I ?!?!)- Revolutionary Road and The Heat. Both were really awesome movies. Sunday, we got up and had a great breakfast (thanks to farm fresh eggs and bread from my dad!) and then went to his nephew’s baptism. It was a really great day- it’s nice to be surrounded by such a fun, loving and welcoming family!


Although I took 2 rest days last week (which never happens), for the days that I did work out, I had really great workouts. Another weird thing from last week was the fact that I worked out in the morning 4 of the 7 days AND logged almost 10 miles of running (all you “runners” out there may not think that’s anything spectacular, but for me it’s a solid amount of running in a week!). I only taught 2 classes, and although I missed my members, it was a nice break to have a week for ME and MY workouts. I’m back at it this week with 5 classes on the agenda, but it’s all good- I’m rested and ready for them!

Last Week’s Workouts

  • Monday- I was home in Maine, so I did a workout there before setting up shop to work from my parent’s kitchen for the day. I did a cardio workout I got from the Shape magazine in my Easter basket, and then sandwiched compound strength moves and core exercises between cardio sets. It was great!
  • Tuesday- I got up and ended up running 4 miles before work!!! I went out thinking I’d run 3, but felt good so kept going. Around the 2 mile mark I stopped and did some core exercises at the park in East Boston. It was a solid Tuesday morning workout 🙂
  • Wednesday- I had after work dinner plans, so I worked out before work. I ran 2.25 miles and then did some upper body strength and core circuits: 10 reps each, 4 rounds of decline push-ups on the BOSU, Triceps kickbacks, bicep curls and shoulder presses and then stability ball passes, stability ball crunches, stability ball supine extensions and stability ball tucks. Another great workout. Big thanks to Kate for subbing my class for me!
  • Thursday- I was FINALLY back in the gym to teach! I taught a SHRED class similar to the workout I did at home on Monday morning and then a kickboxing class with lots of burpees… muahhaha 😉
  • Friday- Rest. I did some push-ups and planks throughout the day, but nothing major.
  • Saturday- I was modeling in a fashion show up in Maine, so I went for a 3.35 mile run when I woke up (and beat the rain!) and then did some upper body/compound moves/core exercises before calling it quits. My triceps and hamstrings were sore on Sunday!
  • Sunday- Another rest day. I went to a baptism and took advantage of a lazy morning before I went there. It was great!

This Week’s Workouts

  • Monday- I’m teaching my 6am muscle class today and then hopefully running a few miles on the treadmill after.
  • Tuesday- I was invited to try out a class at The Handle Bar indoor cycling studio and decided to cash in that class on Tuesday. I was allowed to bring a friend, so my friend Lisa will be joining me. So excited!
  • Wednesday- Back to my usual Wednesday night workout- probably some running before I teach UXF Burn. I missed them last week!
  • Thursday- Teaching SHRED and Kickboxing.
  • Friday- Rest!
  • Saturday- Teaching kickboxing at the YMCA. Hope my front row is there 🙂
  • Sunday- Not sure… I’d love to get to a yoga class. I need some of that in my life!

Things I’m Looking Forward To

I’m excited about a lot of things this week, but the thing I’m most looking forward to is a weekend, in Boston, with no plans besides teaching. I may treat myself to a massage, but otherwise, I plan on doing some relaxing, catching up on blogging, cleaning my apartment and hopefully having a date day/night. I’m also looking forward to having my workout done on Monday morning so that I can grocery shop and cook on Monday night- I got really used to the feeling of not having to workout after work last week and I see myself doing that a lot during the summer. The day is so much better when I know I can go home after work or run errands or get drinks/dinner. Lastly, I can’t wait to try Handle Bar studio with my friend Lisa… I foresee drinks and dinner after the class 😉

Questions for you: How many rest days did you take last week? Have you been running a lot? What was the best workout you had last week? Have you ever been to Handle Bar?


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