Wednesday Workout: Hotel Gym Full Body Circuit

I’m a big believer that just because you travel, doesn’t mean you have to give up your normal routine. Sure, things will be different- that’s a given- but when I travel I really try to stay on track with eating well and keeping active. Well, I guess this is more true when I travel for work because personal vacations should include indulgences and living off your normal schedule, right?! Last week I had to travel for work and since I was traveling alone, I was able to eat when, where and what I wanted and also go to the gym when it was right for my schedule- this was awesome!

I’ve been to a lot of hotel gyms- some are good some are not so good. Luckily, the gym at Le Joule had a pretty nice gym- full set of weights, cable machines, kettlebells and cardio equipment. I ended up working out twice in my very short stay because I enjoyed the gym so much (ok, and the shower in my room was amazing and I wanted to use it again…). The first day was a little cardio and then the full body circuit in this post. The second was a 5K run on the treadmill and some abs. All in all, I was really happy that I was able to get some physical activity in, especially since the flight was so long each way!

Hotel gym full body circuit

Full disclosure: I don’t know if it’s that I used heavier weights than normal or if it was because I hadn’t done serious lifting in a while or just because I was traveling and likely dehydrated, but this workout lift me SORE for a few days! I definitely plan on doing this again because it was challenging, but good.


And, when you can reward yourself for working out on the road with some rose bubbly at the outdoor pool, life really can’t be so bad 😉


PS I was never a fan of Dallas until this trip- Le Joule is where it’s at! Such an incredible hotel with nice little touches- I came home to this after dinner!


I was in that bed in 2.2 seconds!

Questions for you: Do you travel while on the road? Do you keep your eating/drinking in line with a normal week? Where is your favorite hotel?

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4 thoughts on “Wednesday Workout: Hotel Gym Full Body Circuit

  1. Dana says:

    I loved this! I added a cardio blast between rounds of 10 strict burpees, 10 Bosu jump squats and 10 jumping lunges to keep my heart rate up!

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