Supplement Sale at Whole Foods

Disclaimer: I was provided with free product and a gift card to Whole Foods in exchange for this blog post. As always, all opinions are my own and I think this is a great deal worth sharing- thanks for your support!

Good morning! Today I wanted to share a little information about a terrific sale coming up this weekend, August 14th-16th at all Whole Foods store locations. Along with tax-free weekend in Massachusetts, Whole Foods is doing their yearly sale on all supplements in their Whole Body department- 25% off, which is a really great deal since many of the supplements in the Whole Body section can be a bit pricy.


When they invited me in to check out their selection and to take some items home to try, I wasn’t really sure what to look for or ask for since I’m normally not one for supplements. It’s not that I don’t like them or agree with them, it’s more that I never think to take vitamins or probiotics or other things like that. I do love all Vega products, especially for post workout repair, but other than that I’m seriously lacking in the supplement area… or, should I say I USED to be lacking in the supplement area- the nice people at Whole Foods stocked me up with some great staple items:


Briana, who works in the Whole Body department, decided that a women’s daily vitamin, vitamin D and Maxi-Hair (vitamin B) were a good place to start. The Mega Food Women’s One Daily is an all natural vitamin that’s made in New Hampshire and with all real ingredients. She gave me a vitamin D pill, too, since she said people in Massachusetts tend to have vitamin D deficiencies based on the way the sun is. I think I’ll use that more once summer is over, though. Lastly, Maxi-Hair is loaded with vitamin B which is good for hair, nails and skin.


As far as workout related supplements, she loaded me up with lots of Vega products- pre and post workout supplements as well as some mixes to drink during long workouts.


I use the recovery accelerator powder after my workouts but was new to the pre-workout energizer. I tried it last week, but didn’t notice anything significant… I also didn’t finish drinking it before my workout so maybe that’s part of it. All in all, I’m happy with the products I received and hoping to get to a Whole Foods this weekend to finally buy a big canister of Vega recovery accelerator since I tend to spend so much on the individual small packets.


If you’re around this weekend and in the market for new supplements, be sure to head on over to your local Whole Foods to take advantage of their sale!

  • 25% off all supplements Friday, August 14th – Sunday August 16th in Whole Body
  • Some examples of items on sale include probiotics, fish oil, multivitamins, all of the Navitas Naturals superfoods products, workout supplements, protein powders and more!

Questions for you: Do you take vitamins regularly? Do you use protein powder after your workouts or to cook with? Do you drink anything during your workouts to help you stay hydrated?


5 thoughts on “Supplement Sale at Whole Foods

  1. Ellyn @ In Fitness and In Health says:

    I’m like you and don’t really think much about supplements other than the occasional protein shake post-workout for a meal when I’m lazy or out of food. The pre-workout energizer sounds like a great thing to try. Lately (or well, always) I’ve been suffering from awful (what I can only assume is) hypoglycemia after my morning workouts. It’s strange – I can do the same workout in the morning and at night, but the morning one leaves me feeling exhausted, with a headache all day, even though I eat a well-balanced breakfast. After the nighttime workout, I’m completely energized. Maybe I need a supplement boost before my a.m. sessions. Thanks for sharing, and good to know about the sale!! 🙂

  2. Kristen@goodngoodforya says:

    I take a multivitamin as well as additional Vitamin D, Calcium, and Magnesium. My doc recommended the Calcium and Magnesium to decrease migraines and they seem to help. She also had me started taking D because I tested low.

    I definitely use protein powder a lot! I have a notorious sweet tooth and it helps me come up with yummy desert-y concoctions.

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