Summer is a great time for juices, smoothies & acai bowls! {Review: Thirst Juice Co.}

Good morning! I’m finally back to the grind after a mini “vacation”. RM and I took Friday and Monday off for a weekend getaway in Maine. My friend, Meredith, got married up in Boothbay Harbor so we figured we might as well extend the trip since we didn’t have any summer getaways besides Cape weekends. I can’t wait to share pictures from the wedding and the amazing Inn we stayed at, but first, let’s talk about juices, smoothies and acai bowls.


I’ve mentioned a few times that I hate making smoothies. I love drinking them and think they are a great way to sneakily get more fruits and veggies into your diet, but the thought of getting out the blender and ingredients to make one, and then cleaning the blender after, just isn’t appealing to me. I also find myself not always feeling satisfied after a smoothie or juice because I haven’t gone through the act of actually CHEWING anything. Weird, I know, but I do think that’s something I can train myself to get over, so when Heather, one of the owners/founders of Thirst Juice Co. reached out and invited me into the shop to try out some juices, smoothies and acai bowls, I happily agreed to head over!


There are so many things that I love about the company- I love that Heather and her husband left their corporate jobs as lawyers in NYC to come to Boston to start up a juice/smoothie company. I love that she and I chatted nonstop about health/fitness. I love that all of the options were healthy- truly healthy. I love that she was so knowledgeable and passionate about the company and benefits of juicing and power smoothies. I could go on and on, but first let’s talk about what I tried. Unfortunately RM wasn’t able to join me, but they did a good job of giving me smaller samples so I could still get a taste for everything.


For juices, I tried the Kaleidoscope (kale, spinach, carrot, pineapple) and Buddabeet (beet, carrot, pear, pineapple, ginger)- side note: how fun are these names?! I thought they were both delicious, which says a lot because I am not a big “juicer”. Even though Heather said the Buddabeet is their sweetest/least vegetable tasting juice, I thought the Kaleidoscope was actually sweeter!


Next up were the smoothies- my favorite! I forgot to write down what ones I tried, but I *think* I tried the Vitamin “G”reen (Kale, spinach, mango, banana, pineapple, coconut water) and the Peruvian Pick Me Up (Mango, rolled oats, banana, dates, almond milk, maca). Both were really, really tasty- and super filling!


My final sample was the infamous Acai Bowl! Loaded with anti-oxidants, it seems as though Acai Bowls are allll the rage these days. The first and only other time I had one was in Hawaii, long before they were as popular and trendy as they are now! I choose the Peanut Butter Acai Bowl (Peanut butter, acai, cacao powder, blueberries, banana, almond milk, topped with granola), but we put the topping from the Coconut bowl because it was more fun (granola, banana and coconut flakes). The verdict? I LOVED it!


The only problem is that it was so pretty I almost didn’t want to eat it… almost 😉

All in all, I really loved my visit to Thirst Juice Co. and left there with a very full belly 🙂 I think Heather and her husband have done a tremendous job of bringing a little more “healthy” to Boston. If you’re looking to see more of what they have to offer, head on over to their menu page- everything sounds so delicious!

Thanks for having me in, Heather- I can’t wait to go back!

Questions for you: Have you ever had an Acai bowl? Do you drink smoothies or juices?

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