Five On Friday

Good morning! Popping in today with a random post, but hopefully you’ll enjoy it!

  1. I have to say I am really not enjoying the wedding planning process so far. Is that bad? Please tell me I’m not the only one who finds it more stressful than fun. I’m hoping it’s just because we haven’t locked down a venue or date yet and that once we do those things everything else will fall into place and be more fun. Right? Right??? I will say, though, that I find myself day dreaming about the moment I start walking down the aisle and lock eyes with RM. I cannot wait for that, as well as being husband and wife. THAT’S the fun stuff 🙂


2. At the age of 30, I finally have no desire to dress up for Halloween. It feels good to let that go and just be able to carry on per usual, oh, and see RM’s nephew dressed up and go trick or treating because THAT is going to be adorable!

3. We are so thankful to have so many wonderful friends and such wonderful family who have sent us engagement cards and/or bubbly. One can never have too much bubbly. Ever.


4. I had a one on one training session last night and I felt challenged, humbled, but also inspired. I lifted much heavier than normal and I loved it! More on that later 🙂

photo 2

5. We don’t go out to eat very often during the week since we both enjoy meal planning and prepping and eating healthy even when we are busy (not to mention it saves money!), but when RM texted me on Wednesday as I was leaving the gym asking if I wanted to pick up sushi or pizza, I was totally on board. It was such a treat swinging by Max & Leo’s on my way home to pick up the pizza RM had ordered. If you haven’t had their pizza, GO AND GET SOME!!!

photo 1


Questions for you: Tell me something random! Try any new workouts or gyms lately? What was your favorite thing about wedding planning? Least favorite? What’s your favorite pizza place? What’s going on this weekend? Best part of your week?

15 thoughts on “Five On Friday

  1. Jen @nutcaseinpoint says:

    favorite part was getting the dress. least favorite was having to go back and forth with my planner/florist on hashing out all the details (I did it all via email since I planned from afar). I think I’m going to surprise Tyler with pizza tongiht- I didn’t feel like cooking last night and ate all our leftovers so the poor guy had no dinner! 😦

    • Burpees to Bubbly says:

      That must’ve been so hard planning a wedding from another country! I’m looking forward to dress shopping although I am a little nervous since I have no idea what I want! Friday night pizza nights are the best- I’m sure he enjoyed that!

  2. Kristen says:

    I hope wedding planning gets better! what is that gorgeous bottle of gold bubbly? so pretty. a highlight this week was going for a run after work through beacon hill, along the esplanade and through the public gardens. It had been along time since I ventured through that area and always reminds me why i love Boston so much!

    • Burpees to Bubbly says:

      Thanks Kristen- I think it will once we pick a venue! It’s something my sister got us- i’m obsessed with the bottle- not sure if we’ll ever drink it 🙂 That sounds so nice! I love getting outside for runs in the nicer weather!

  3. Suzanne Gagnon says:

    Hi Nick, I loved this post! It’s been too long for me to remember looking for a venue(there weren’t many choices around here so long ago!), but I’m sure you’ll be so happy when that part is done. Can’t wait to go dress shopping with you and Dani. I’m thinking of you, and wish we were closer–miss you! Mom

  4. Fiona says:

    Oh I hear you on wedding planning, it’s so overwhelming but you’re right once you nail down a date and a becomes so much easier. Also pick out WHAT is important to you (food, photographer etc) and then base your budget on those things..where you want to spend the most money and go and trim the budget from there…I found that made it easier then constantly being surprised by the cost of everything!!!! I mean why aren’t we all in the wedding business…man…lol.

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