I Sometimes Create My Own Stressful Situations


Over the weekend, I created a very busy day for myself on Saturday. I didn’t need to, but I have a tendency to over-book, over-commit and over schedule myself (WHY?!). Granted, if everything worked out time-wise how it should (or how it does in my mind), it would be a different story, but we all know that is generally not the case. Something is delayed, something takes longer than we anticipate and something doesn’t go as smoothly as we planned, which in turn means it takes longer to complete.

Here’s the way I thought my day was going to go:

  • get up, eat breakfast, make workout & get new playlist
  • Leave the house at 9:30 to bike to the Y
  • Teach 10-11 then do a quickie workout on my own
  • Leave the gym at 11:15
  • Shower quickly and head to a hair appointment at 12:30
  • 12:30-1:15 – hair cut
  • After hair, go to the grocery store to pick up other things we needed for the night
  • While this was all going on, Roberto would be getting ground pork in the North End
  • 3:15-3:30 leave for Jessi and Chuck’s

I mean, just looking at that written out now makes it so clear that I was setting myself up for a stressful day by jamming my schedule so full of different things. If ONE thing got delayed or took longer, it would literally throw off the rest of the day, so when multiple things don’t go as planned (as was the case for me on Saturday), I was left feeling anxious and like I was running out of time to get things done. It was not a relaxing day, even though it was filled with lots of my favorite things.

As we drove to Jessi and Chuck’s house (which was the thing I was most excited about!), 30 minutes late, mind you, RM asked what was wrong. We were stuck in traffic and I hate being late and when I told him these things and how anxious they were making me feel, he quite bluntly said, “Monique, you do realize that you created a busy day when you didn’t have to, right?”. Touché, RM, touché.

And, while I didn’t necessarily like being called out on this ( 😉 ), the guy did have a point. I could’ve spared myself a whole lot of stress, rushing around, and anxiety if I had just not filled my schedule so much. Committed to one less thing. Given myself time to enjoy fewer things rather than rush through them. RESTED and relaxed, maybe!

While I’ve gotten better at this since meeting RM (he, unlike me, much prefers not having plans and just going with the flow in terms of what he’s feeling on any particular day, especially the weekends), I still have the occasional self-imposed busy/stressful day like I did last weekend. Or even just the need to fill up “free” time with things I always wish I could do if I had more free time. However, I am really working on doing less of this, because at the end of the day it robs me of the enjoyment of each activity – and there’s no fun in that!

I’d love to hear from you – if you tend to be like me in terms of filling up your schedule, how do you force yourself to slow down? To not overbook or over commit? To “go with the flow” rather than have everything planned out?

And, if you’re not like me, but rather more like RM in that you prefer to not have plans scheduled out, what’s a tip you have for people to be like that? 

For me, before I over-book myself thinking that I’m a super woman who can handle it all, I’m going to think about what I REALLY want to do and what can wait. For the thing (or things if they’re spread out) I really want to do – that will be my focus and if nothing else happens that day then it’s no big deal. Bonus- if I get other things done based on time, that’s just things I don’t have to do another day!

Changes on B2B

Good morning! Today I want to talk about some changes that I’m hoping to make on B2B going forward. If you’ve been following for a while, you probably know a lot about my life- whether it’s regarding workouts, restaurants, my family, RM, our wedding, etc., I tend to be pretty open on B2B. Being open and sharing personal things in an online space can have its pros and cons- it can be a great way to connect with readers (both ones I know and don’t know) and help them feel like they “know” me and want to keep reading to follow along, but it can also be a con because sharing so much personal stuff may do just that- share too much.

While I love sharing my weekends with all of you, weekend recaps and an overdose of #sweatyselfies wasn’t the whole purpose of starting this blog in the first thing. Crazy, considering how much of that stuff I share these days! I’ve thought long and hard about what this blog is to me and what I want it to be to other people and I’ve come to the conclusion that filling this blog with “fluff/filler” posts in an online diary sort of way isn’t really what I want my blog to be known for. There is absolutely nothing wrong with those types of posts and blogs (um, hello, I love reading other people’s weekend recaps and day to day musings and things like that!), but it’s just not the direction I really want to be going.

I want to share more workouts with you. I want to share more studio reviews with you. I want to share more tips for how to live a healthy lifestyle and create a sort of work/life/play/workout balance. I want to share more recipes with you. I want to do more reviews of some of my favorite products (and not just sponsored posts about various products!). I guess in short, I want to share more QUALITY posts rather than fluff QUANTITY posts that I post just to get content up.

Does that mean I won’t share personal things on here from time to time? Of course not! I was just showered with the most amazing bridal shower over the weekend and that is something I want to share with you guys because it was so special to me and I want a place to remember all of the details. But you guys don’t need to see sweaty selfie after sweaty selfie of me and a weekend play by play every single week, right? While my posting may not be as frequent, I hope it will be consistent enough to keep you guys coming back. I have a whole slew of post topics that I want to share with you, so sit tight!

I do need your help, though. I want to write about things that interest you, too. Is there something you’ve been wanting to see on B2B? Is there something you could do without seeing on B2B? What keeps you coming back for more? (I’m guessing it’s not the sweaty selfies 😉 ) If you could do me a favor and leave a comment below listing ONE thing you’d like to see more of/less of or even provide me with a topic you’d like me to write about, that would be so awesome!! This blog wouldn’t be what it is without your support and I cannot thank you enough for sticking with me over the past 3 years! Here’s to many more years ahead!


If Janelle took my photo, this doesn’t count as a #sweatyselfie 😉 lolol



Yikes. How am I just one year away from no longer being in my twenties? It’s really crazy to think about, actually. I spent some time on Sunday reflecting on the past year, and you know what? Twenty Eight was pretty awesome. Not only did I have the chance to do so many really great things and go on some fun trips, but I found a lot out about myself. I guess living alone will do that to you. I’ve realized that I should try and slow down, and although this is still very challenging for me, being aware of it is a step in the right direction. I’ve opened up and shared some deeper posts and have enjoyed connecting with those of you who read and comment here- your support really does mean the world to me.

Here are some of the highlights from the past year- I love that I have everything documented!

This list is really just a high-level glimpse into my year last year, but even if that’s all I did last year, I’d still think it was pretty fantastic. If 29 is anywhere near as great as 28, I’m in for a good ride. I hope you’ll stick with me during my journeys this year 🙂