Workouts and Weekending

Morning, friends! I hope you had a great weekend! Thank you so much for your awesome comments, Twitter shares and Facebook shares on my “You workout… you can eat what you want”. I had a blast writing that post and was happy to see that so many of you could relate to it!

I’d love to say that both my workouts last week and weekend activities over the weekend were mind-blowingly awesome, but, they weren’t. On the plus side, I got out of the house which was a very nice treat after having been cooped up inside my little apartment by myself all week!

Friday night after work, I headed up to my friend Lisa’s apartment for a glass of wine and social interaction. It was perfect!

Saturday morning, I got up, worked out (mostly back to normal!) and then hit the road to head north. Although I was feeling and looking {mostly} better, I knew I didn’t want to go out, so I thought it was best to swing home for a night. I stopped in Kittery to “look” quickly at Banana Republic and ended up scoring BIG TIME. Can you guess how much I spent on all of this? 1 dress, 1 pair of pants, 1 skirt, 2 shirts, a necklace and perfume? Hint: It’s under $100!!!


Apparently I was into leopard print…

Once I got home, I showed my dad an incredibly sore, swollen area on my back and we decided to go to a walk-in clinic to get it checked out since I’m in Dallas Monday and Tuesday this week (really not great timing…). Turns out I had a staph infection and was put on antibiotics. Great. Just what I needed after my week!

Needless to say, being home with my parents to take care of me couldn’t have been any better. I got to have wine, snuggle and play with the cats and even got some “get better” flowers from my mom’s friends. They sure know how to make a girl feel better!


Charlie’s “sleeping like a log”… get it… in the wood bag, haha I thought mom was pretty funny for that one!

IMG_6754 IMG_6756

Sunday was a relaxing day around the house. I filmed a workout video, napped (I didn’t sleep Saturday night, I think because of the Prednisone… sucks), blogged and just tried to relax. I’m nervous about this quick trip to Dallas because being tired and run down is really the last thing I need right now!

Let’s talk about workouts…

I have a whole post going up tomorrow about my mentality towards working out last week (and physical inability to do what I usually do), which was definitely a struggle for me at times, but at other times it was literally the last thing on my mind. Although I wasn’t able to DO most things because of how painful the sores/bumps were on my hands and feet, I was able to get creative with some workouts, which allowed me to get movement in without pain- made me feel so much better!

Last Week’s Workouts

  • Monday- Nothing
  • Tuesday- Nothing
  • Wednesday- I came up with a “no contact, no impact, no equipment” workout that took me about a half hour to finish, including a warm up. I’m posting it on Wednesday for you!
  • Thursday- I g-chatted with Athena during the day and voiced my frustrations about my physical limitations and she gave me a bunch of “doable” exercises to do. I ended up playing around in my apartment for an hour after work and got in a great sweat sesh with no pain! I also walked 3 miles in the day since it was warm and sunny (and I hadn’t stepped foot out of the apartment in over 48 hours…).


  • Friday- I was able to jump and make a fist with my hands on Friday!! So I did about 30 minutes of different exercises in my apartment since it was raining outside (meaning I couldn’t walk).


  • Saturday- I had a great workout in my apartment before leaving for Maine. I did about 35 minutes of kickboxing and 15 minutes of core strength, no-weight arm exercises and some squats/lunges.
  • Sunday- I filmed my workout from Wednesday, which was about all I did. I had intentions of going snow shoeing, but due to lack of sleep and time constraints, it didn’t happen…and that’s ok!

This Week’s Workouts

  • Monday- If I slept last night, my plan this morning was to get up early and do a quick 20-30 minute workout before heading to the airport. I know I won’t have time on Tuesday to workout, so I’d like to get something in today if possible.
  • Tuesday- Nothing
  • Wednesday- Finally back at the gym (I hope!!!). I’ll probably take it easy and do some light, no-impact cardio before I teach pending on how I feel. I missed these guys last week!
  • Thursday- Teaching my SHRED and Kickboxing double… Hope I’m feeling back to normal at this point!
  • Friday- Not sure. I may try to get something done in my apartment or it could be a rest day since I have plans after work.
  • Saturday- Teaching kickboxing at the Oak Square YMCA
  • Sunday- Not sure… it will probably depend on how my workouts for the week went.

And, that about sums it up!

Questions for you: When’s the last time you had a limitation inhibiting you to workout like you wanted to? What do you do when you can’t do your usual workouts- skip a workout all together or try to improvise and come up with something that is doable?

This Week: Workouts, Schedule & What I’m Looking Forward To

Hi there! Can you believe it’s Christmas week?! Shockingly enough, I feel like I have been able to enjoy the season this year. I decorated my apartment, I’ve attended Christmas parties and I’ve spent Sunday afternoons totally enjoying ABC Family Christmas movies (please tell me I’m not the only one who has a guilty pleasure watching those cheesy movies!). But, with that said, I still can’t believe that Christmas is in 3 days. I can’t wait!

Since it’s a holiday week and I’ll be home in Maine for most of it, my workouts will be a little different than usual, but that’s good sometimes!

Last Week’s Workouts

  • Monday- I subbed a kickboxing class at the Watertown BSC. As I’ve been subbing more lately, I’ve realized how “trained” my members are who come to my permanent classes. Those members come week after week and are always ready for the crazy things I throw at them, however, when I sub, I am reminded that those members are not used to me and I need to tone it down a little so that people don’t feel overwhelmed. It’s weird!
  • Tuesday- I had all intentions of going to the gym after work to run on the treadmill, but when I got to the gym, they told me they were closing in 20 minutes. I had plans that night and was getting picked up at a certain time so by the time I trucked my way home through the snow, I had 10 minutes to do something. I could’ve skipped it all together, but I really needed to get some energy out so I did 10 minutes of random cardio moves. Wasn’t a lot, but it was better than nothing!


  • Wednesday- I got up and worked out before work. I did a full body tabata workout and it was awesome!


25 Days of Christmas

  • Friday- Rest day!
  • Saturday- I did 20 minutes on the elliptical, 10 minutes of abs and then BodyPump. It was awesome.
  • Sunday- I ran the Jingle Bell 5K with my sister! This was my 6th year running the race and I still have to say it is one of my most favorite races. What made it even more special was the fact that my sister ran it with me… as her first race! so proud!


This Week’s Workouts

  • Monday- I have dinner plans after work so by the time this is published, I will have finished an at-home workout. Maybe this workout or maybe all 3 of my holiday series workouts (this, this, and this).
  • Tuesday- I am heading home to Maine on the 9am train so my plan is to try and get my workout done before that, but we will see.
  • Wednesday- It’s Christmas, so I am not sure if I’ll get a workout in or not. If there’s snow, I would love to go snow shoeing or cross country skiing with my mom!
  • Thursday- If the YMCA near my parent’s house is open, I may try to get to a class or do my own workout there. Otherwise, an at home workout.
  • Friday- Definitely trying to get to a class!
  • Saturday- There’s a great 1.5 hour cardio cross training class at the YMCA that I would love to get to before heading back to MA
  • Sunday- Pending on my workouts earlier in the week will determine whether or not I’ll workout on Sunday.


This is a fun week because A.- there’s only 1 real day of work for me and B.- it’s Christmas so that means I get to go home to Maine for longer than usual! I am heading home on Tuesday morning and will be there until Saturday. It will be so nice to get out of the city for some extended R&R.

Things I’m Looking Forward To

Gosh. So much! Dinner at the Palm on Monday will be fun and I can’t wait to take the train home. We host a party on Christmas Eve with a bunch of family friends and it’s pretty much my favorite night of the year. We drink lots of bubbly, enjoy lots of homemade pizzas and laugh so much. I can’t wait!

Questions for you: Do you plan to workout over the holidays? What’s your favorite Christmas tradition? What are you looking forward to the most this week?

Weekly Workouts

It’s that time again! Time to check in with our workouts from last week to see how we did!

Last Week

[I may not mention it, but just know that I did all of the week 1 workouts in the April Arm Challenge.]

  • Monday- I jogged a nice & easy 3 miles (in about 26:30).  The weather was so nice! I ran in a tank and got tan lines:) I also did 20 minutes on the elliptical and 10 mins of abs at the Y before teaching Dynamax since I had so much extra time to spare.
  • Tuesday- Ended up walking about 3 miles and did Triceps Tuesday!
  • Wednesday- Wasn’t feeling well so I just did a light 15 minutes on the elliptical and taught UXF Burn

uxf class

  • Thursday- Taught an “Up the Ladder” workout (workout to come this week) and Kickboxing

me after a double

  • Friday- Did the 15 minute “Friday Five” arm workout, 15 minutes on a cardio machine and taught a mix of all my favorites in class! Workout will be posted this week I think.
  • Saturday- Taught kickboxing at the YMCA. BIG group and Athena came!


  • Sunday- I’ve been a busy bee so far, but I am just about to do the 3-2-1 April Arms Challenge Day 1 of Week 2 workout.

This Week

  • Monday- the usual: Cardio & Teaching Dynamax. Oh! And it’s Pyramid Push-Up day:)
  • Tuesday- Triceps Tuesday and walking in the city
  • Wednesday- Cardio & Teaching Dynamax
  • Thursday- TBC and Kickboxing
  • Friday- NO TEACHING!! I will probably do a Deck of Cards workout during my lunch break. I think I’ll want to get a few drinks when the work day is over to kick off my birthday weekend:)
  • Saturday- Teaching my 3rd straight week of kickboxing at the YMCA. I won’t be there for 2 weeks after Saturday, so we will work extra hard (just giving my YMCA’ers a heads up!)
  • Sunday- likely nursing a hangover 😉 Sunday is my actual birthday, so I’ll want to do something fun… but that might not be exercise related (and that’s ok!)

Sorry my weekly workout plans are so boring, but when I have all my workouts basically planned out for me because of my teaching schedule, that’s just how it has to be. Now that my schedule has lightened up, I’ll hopefully have a more exciting workout schedule each week (at least on my “off” days from teaching!).

Questions for you: What are your workouts like this week? How did you do last week? Have any good ones to share?

Wellness by the Water Retreat

Oh boy am I excited about this! My friend Athena recently invited me to join the Boston Bloggers Group on Facebook. As a “newbie” blogger, I was thrilled to have the chance to be in connection with so many other bloggers in the area. It’s great to be able to have the chance to be informed about all of the neat events that are related to my passion of health and fitness.

I just signed up for the Wellness by the Water retreat in Boston on May 19th!! Not only am I excited to have the chance to spend the day surrounded by all things related to health and fitness, but I am excited to have the chance to share this opportunity with you! (ok, ok, I am also excited about the gift bag full of goodies and discounts, too… I’m a sucker for free things and a good deal!)

wellness by the water

Anyway, so the retreat is from 9-4 on Sunday, May 19th. You should definitely go check out their website for all the details, but there are going to be a bunch of different health and fitness professionals to speak with and sessions to attend. I’m personally looking forward to the Nutrition Lecture as I think it is an area where we can all improve in (I should’ve majored in Nutrition…) and the Boot Camp because I am always looking to learn about new moves and exercises that I can incorporate into my own classes!

The early bird special of $139 is only offered until TOMORROW, so if you’re even thinking you might be interested in attending, I highly suggest signing up before the price goes up and before the tickets sell out.

Let me know if you sign up and I look forward to meeting the other bloggers in the Boston area!