Wellness by the Water Retreat

Oh boy am I excited about this! My friend Athena recently invited me to join the Boston Bloggers Group on Facebook. As a “newbie” blogger, I was thrilled to have the chance to be in connection with so many other bloggers in the area. It’s great to be able to have the chance to be informed about all of the neat events that are related to my passion of health and fitness.

I just signed up for the Wellness by the Water retreat in Boston on May 19th!! Not only am I excited to have the chance to spend the day surrounded by all things related to health and fitness, but I am excited to have the chance to share this opportunity with you! (ok, ok, I am also excited about the gift bag full of goodies and discounts, too… I’m a sucker for free things and a good deal!)

wellness by the water

Anyway, so the retreat is from 9-4 on Sunday, May 19th. You should definitely go check out their website for all the details, but there are going to be a bunch of different health and fitness professionals to speak with and sessions to attend. I’m personally looking forward to the Nutrition Lecture as I think it is an area where we can all improve in (I should’ve majored in Nutrition…) and the Boot Camp because I am always looking to learn about new moves and exercises that I can incorporate into my own classes!

The early bird special of $139 is only offered until TOMORROW, so if you’re even thinking you might be interested in attending, I highly suggest signing up before the price goes up and before the tickets sell out.

Let me know if you sign up and I look forward to meeting the other bloggers in the Boston area!

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