A Super Saturday, Indeed!

Ahhh, after a full week of work and teaching 7 fitness classes, THIS is just what I needed:


I taught at 9 and 11 today (We killed it in my Dynamax class today- this group makes my whole week!!) and by noon time rolled around, I literally was beat!

Katharine and Macall cursing at me in Dynamax today!

Katharine and Macall cursing at me in Dynamax today!

Luckily, I was in Brighton and able to get lunch at Pizza Etc.. When I lived in Brighton, we used to order their salads (topped with the most amazing chicken- seriously, just ask Rachel) probably once a week, so whenever I am able to order them again, I always get excited. I mean, look at this thing:


Lettuce and fresh veggies and feta topped with 4 chicken tenders! Don’t worry- it was just as good as I remembered it being:)

After I was fueled up, I hit the road and headed north. My sister went home yesterday and told me that I had to stop off in Kittery because the Gap and Banana Republic outlets were having crazy deals.  Twist my arm, will ya?  I figured that since I recently got a promotion at work, I deserved a little shopping spree.  Look at what I got!

009  008

Banana Republic deals on the left (all of that for $62… no joke! That dress was on sale for $20!! and the other tops were all on mega sale too. I couldn’t believe it!) and Gap deals on the right (cardigan, long-sleeved top, silky work top and a nude belt- $30!). And, if that wasn’t good enough, I decided to stop by the Nike outlet, because really, as a fitness instructor, you can never have too many pairs of sneaks, right?!  SO happy I did because look at these deals:

006 007

Yes, I bought hot pink sneakers (and lime green laces for them), but in my defense, they were $20!!!! And only the hot pink was that price so I couldn’t turn it down. The purple long-sleeved Nike top will be great for outdoor runs in the early spring and during warm up for my classes, and since my sister has been so diligent with working out (even while on the road), I got her that funky sports bra.

I would say the shopping spree was a success, right?! Hoping for a stop-off at Lululemon on my way back to MA on Monday!

I am not sure what is on the dinner agenda tonight, but tomorrow, as a congrats for my promotion, mom said we would make a “blog worthy” meal AND open her nice champagne… I can’t wait! I also plan to post a killer 3-2-1 workout tomorrow once my sister takes photo’s of me doing the moves…. I think you’re all going to like it:)

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Questions for you: Any good shopping deals lately? Anyone else enjoying the long weekend? I took Monday off and am SO happy about that decision!

6 thoughts on “A Super Saturday, Indeed!

  1. Dana says:

    Super jealous about your deals, but now that you keep mentioning your Dynamax class at the Y you’re making me wish I had considered that gym option! Are there similar classes at BSC? You speak so highly of the Y and I work in Oak Square so I had considered that but chose BSC instead. PS that salad from Pizza Etc is legit amazing! I also scored buy one get one free deal on shoes at Reebok today! So excited to wear them!

    • Burpees to Bubbly says:

      I love that gym. It is a totally different atmosphere than the BSC… Dont’ get me wrong, I love the BSC, but Y is more of a familiy feel and everyone is so nice. My Dynamax Boot Camp is amazing, though… The only equipment we use is the Dynamax Ball but it’s just an incredible workout! BOGO at Reebok?!? They have a pair of sneaks (the cross fit ones) that I have been dying to get! I’ll have to check out your sneaks this week!

  2. Meredith says:

    SO jealous of your outlet finds, love the banana republic items and the sneakers are adorable! I am all about the neon lately. I’m sure Dani will love that! No new shopping finds here. can’t wait to outlet shop this summer! xo

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