Happy Mother’s Day: A Tribute to My Mom

Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful mom’s reading my blog!  I am so happy that I have been able to spend some extended (lately, anything more than 24 hours at home is “extended” for me) time at home and with my mom; she is just the absolute cutest, sweetest little lady around, so it seems only natural for me to dedicate this post to her!

As most of you know, my mom reads and comments religiously (literally… mom is a really good Catholic!) on Burpees to Bubbly. It always makes me smile when I hear from other readers how cute my mom is, but I mean, how could you not say that?! Look at her!

retiredMom retired a year ago, but she is still actively subbing in the school on a daily basis, volunteering at the church, and being the little social butterfly she always is. Seriously, this lady has more of a social life than I do! If you thought my birthday celebrations were a bit much, I think mom celebrated her 60th for the whole summer. She may be 60, but she is still a ball of fun and energy… always looking for the next party and social event!

mom's birthday

Mom is also quite the little dancing queen. I cannot even begin to count how many “dance parties” we have had in the kitchen at our house- thank goodness for her “dance” cd; I don’t know where we’d be without that. From Zumba to Party Boot Camp to weddings to bars, Sue Gags knows how to have a good time and to have a circle of guys around her. After all, she is a “guy magnet”.



boston bar

Mom can be serious, too. And she is a terrific reader. Every Christmas Eve, we I make her read ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas and she has got that story down pat!

mom readingMy mom is one of my biggest supporters and is always there to listen when I have issues, provide feedback when I need it, “practice” my workouts with me and tell me what type of modifications I should offer, and then, when all of that “business” is out of the way, offer me wine, because as she always says “wine isn’t going to make you feel worse”. Well said, Suzie Q, well said!

mom's workout

always offering wineHolidays are always the best in the Gagnon household. There is nothing in the world that’s better than being surrounded by family, laughs, good food and lots of wine… and I mean LOTS of wine.



4th of july

As you can see, my mom is a pretty amazing woman with so many wonderful qualities. No wonder why she is so popular! As I get older, I have started to appreciate her more and more. We have so much fun and she always knows what to say to make me feel better and for that, I thank you, mom. Thank you for your unconditional love and support- none of that ever goes un-noticed or unappreciated. I hope you have the most wonderful day because you deserve nothing less! XOXO

jeremy's wedding

14 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day: A Tribute to My Mom

  1. Dana says:

    She really is SO cute!! I have to say, my mom is also 60 and is seriously more of a social butterfly than I could ever imagine myself to be. I literally called her one night as I was going to bed and she picked up the phone, music blaring in the background, and said she had to head outside to hear me. Then I said that she had more of a social life than I do, and she said “Everyone has more of a social life than you do.” Burn. Anyway, I love this post-I love the pictures, and think the dedication is just beautiful. Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful Mom’s out there!!

  2. suzanne gagnon says:

    Hi NIck,
    As much of a talker that I am, I can’t think of anything to say except…thank you for the tribute. You made my day. Love, Mom

  3. Marie says:

    Wow, that almost brought tears to my eyes! So nice to read and you really see what a lovely person your mom is in the pics.

  4. Agnes says:

    After catching up on your blog I had to leave my general comment/response on this post because it is my fav! I love how much you love your parents and made this post to show your appreciation to your mom. I’m sure she is wonderful and a super awesome lady! ❤ I definitely missed my mom tons this mothers days and we talked on the phone several times (instead of the 1-2 times a day)- sent her flowers (and she ended up getting two bouquets because teleflora messed up, score!) and sent my dad a little something to his work just cuz. I'm happy that you enjoyed your trip and took a break, it's always fun seeing pictures of good times! Cheers to great parents!

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