Chicken Cordon Bleu… with a new twist!

Hey there! Boy do I have a yummy meal for you this week. I know I say that every week, but this one was really quite delicious, probably because Chicken Cordon Bleu has always been one of my “favorite” meals that momma gag’s makes (close second or third to Chicken Parm). Last week, I stumbled across the idea of using goat cheese and turkey, instead of ham and swiss when I was reading through Fitnessista’s blog. She posted a picture of her Chicken Cordon Bleu-ish meal and I was sold!

What made this meal even more appealing was that we had bought extra chicken a few weeks ago since it was on mega sale AND I had new package of goat cheese in the fridge. Love that!

Chicken Cordon Blue… with a new twist!

  • 2 Chicken Breasts (mine were very small… TWSS… but you can use bigger ones if you want!)
  • 4 very thin slices of deli ham (stuck with ham for this meal)
  • 2-3 tbsp goat cheese (1-1.5 for each breast)
  • sea salt
  • pepper
  • paprika
  • Mrs. Dash

1. Preheat your oven to 350*. Stack 2 slices of ham together and spread the goat cheese in the middle (X2 if you’re using 2 chicken breasts). Roll the ham up just like you’d roll a wrap.

0072. Rinse your chicken and use a knife to cut the breast open in half so you can stuff your ham and goat cheese rolls in them.

3. When you stuff the chicken, use toothpicks to hold everything together. Sprinkle a nice amount of sea salt,009 pepper, Mrs. Dash and paprika on the chicken and place in the oven to cook for about 15-20 minutes (time will change depending on how big your breasts are).

012I like to make a little slice in my chicken before taking it out of the oven to make sure it’s all cooked. Once it is cooked, take it out of the oven.



(Look at that ooey, gooey melted goat cheese!)

To accompany the chicken, Danielle made some risotto (not sure where she got the recipe from, but any risotto recipe would work) and I steamed up some broccoli. I also made a quick batch of an easy white sauce (1/2 tbsp butter, 1/2 tbsp and about 1/3 cup of skim milk) because, well, I loveeeee sauces and feel that any French meal should have a sauce (hence why French cuisine is my favorite). Nothing fancy, but the chicken was SO flavorful that simple sides were absolutely the way to go.


There you have it! The risotto took the longest to make, so if you skipped that or substituted it for something else, the meal would probably take you less than 45 mins start to finish. I have 1/2 of my chicken breast left for tomorrow- can’t wait to eat it!

Questions for you: What is your favorite cuisine? Favorite side dish?

6 thoughts on “Chicken Cordon Bleu… with a new twist!

  1. joe gagnon says:

    You come up with interesting recipes, do you shop weekly or spur of the moment? If I could type faster, I would share some of my never fail recipes. I don’t cook risotto because it takes too long and also too much attention. White rice is a winner at 20 minutes, set it and forget it.

    • Burpees to Bubbly says:

      Thanks! I shop weekly, so on Saturdays or Sundays, I think of what I would like to make for my one “real” meal. I like to cook on Sunday’s since I have time, but lately I have had time on Monday’s or Tuesdays after work. I try to make enough to have leftovers for a few days since i get home late from work and teaching and am too hungry to cook! You sound like dad when you say that! He is a very slow typer!! I’d love to have you email me a recipe:)

  2. suzanne gagnon says:

    Of course, French cuisine is my favorite type of cooking–what doesn’t taste better with a sauce? I have to say, you seem to have perfected the white sauce–one of your Memere’s(my mom’s) best things. Your recipe for a lighter cordon bleu sounds wonderful–I’ll try it! I might have to add white wine to the sauce, however! Mom

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