Wednesday Workout: KB & TRX Total Body Workout

Well hello there! I have a fun workout to share with you today that I did a few weeks ago during my lunch break. As I’ve mentioned before, when I workout during my lunch break, I have limited time. Because of this, I make sure I make my workout before I get to the gym so I can get there and get started without wasting any time.

Before heading to the gym, I decided I wanted to work my whole body in a mini set sort of way. This is the best way for me to avoid boredom because I’m moving from one thing to the next in short sets. I’ve been LOVING kettlebell’s and TRX bands lately, so I put together a lower body exercise, upper body exercise and core exercise in each set using these “toys”. To get some cardio in, I did 20 TRX squat jumps in between sets.

To complete this workout, perform 10 reps of each exercise and repeat the exercises in each set for a total of 4 rounds before moving on to the next set (of course, with the 20 TRX jump squats in between).

KB & TRX full body workout

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